DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

This article compares the features of the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer and the Craftsman CMCST930. We will look closely at each item’s ergonomic design, cordless power capabilities, cutting performance, ease of maintenance, and overall value.

We’ll then compare our findings to help you decide which is the best choice for your next outdoor landscaping job. . The DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer based on following Parameters.

1.Power and Engine

The DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer offers exceptional power and performance that is unmatched by the Craftsman CMCST930.

This string trimmer is powered by a brushless motor providing maximum runtime and torque for extended use, while the Craftsman CMCST930 only has a conventional motor. Additionally, the DCST972X1 features superior battery life with a larger capacity brushless 40V 5.0Ah battery to provide extended runtime compared to the smaller 18V 2.0Ah battery in the CMCST930.

Furthermore, with variable speed trigger, dual 0.080″ line capability, adjustable cutting blade depth/height and easy line feeding system, this trimmer promises to be a reliable purchase worth its price tag.

In summary, with its brushless motor and longer-lasting larger-capacity battery combined with additional features that make it more powerful and easier to use, the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient string trimmer with improved power and performance over Craftsman’s CMCST930.


The DeWalt DCST972X1 and the Craftsman CMCST930 are two string trimmers that offer great usability for anyone looking to tidy their lawn.

The DeWalt is lightweight but powerful, weighing in at just 11.5lbs. It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that can easily handle tough overgrowth and heavier weeds but still runs quietly. The switch to go between straight shaft and curved shaft mode makes it easy to use for various job types.

The Craftsman is also a lightweight trimmer, weighing 8lbs and features a 25cc 2-cycle engine for maximum power and increased fuel efficiency compared with standard 4-cycle models.

It also includes assistance features such as EasyStart technology which helps reduce recoil when starting up the engine, as well as an adjustable speed control knob for exacting precision while in trimming mode. Both feature variable speed triggers making them comfortable to work with during extended periods of time, providing better overall control and ease of use.


The DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer is a powerful and versatile tool that is perfect for trimming, edging, and cutting grass. It features an adjustable handle and head that can be rotated to the best angle for tackling any grass cutting job.

The Craftsman CMCST930 also has an adjustable handle but lacks the ability to rotate the head of the trimmer. This means you won’t be able to get as close to edges resulting in unprofessional results.

Another major difference between these two trimmers is their spool sizes. The DeWalt boasts a larger size allowing for longer run times without having to reload with new line while the Craftsman only has a small spool making it have shorter run times with frequent reloads needed while using it.

Furthermore, the DeWalt has a more efficient power delivery system allowing for greater efficiency and faster trimming while its competitor falls slightly behind.

Finally, both of these use battery power but give very different options when it comes to how long they last on a single charge.

The DeWalt offers up to 2 hours of runtime on its 90-watt lithium-ion battery while the Craftsmancan only manage 55 minutes at most from its max 80 watt lithium-ion battery meaning you will likely spend less time out in your yard getting your grass trimmed with the DCST972X1 compared with its Craftsman counterpart .

4. Versatility

The DeWalt DCST972X1 and the Craftsman CMCST930 are two of the top string trimmers on the market. When comparing their versatility, there are several key features to consider.

The DeWalt String Trimmer is powered by a brushless motor, designed for increased efficiency and power while also providing extended runtime and performance that a conventional motor may not be able to deliver. Additionally, this model is equipped with a variable trigger control allowing you to select the speed of cut from low to high for any size or type project.

This trimmer also comes with an adjustable Pivoting head which easily changes its angle making it easier to reach tight spaces and awkward areas with ease.

On the other hand, The Craftsman CMCST930 comes with Auto Feed string head that releases fresh line material quickly and effectively without much manual effort, freeing up time for those larger tasks at hand.

It is also equipped with a telescopic handle which allows you to adjust length so that it can fit into places where ordinary sized string trimmers may not be able to reach including tight corners, edges and high shrubs or hedges. Finally it has a max speed of 13500 RPM to ensure precise cuts every time.

When considering versatility between these two models, the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer offers users increased efficiency, long run-time and variable speed control whereas the Craftsman CMCST930 provides a quick auto-feed string head capability with adjustable telescopic handle & maximum RPM rate of 13500 for smooth cutting performance even on thick weeds and obstacles.

DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

-DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer:


• High performance brushless motor for long-running power and torque
• Easy line replacement with a quick-load feeding system that quickly adds new lines without spooling by hand
• Compact design for easy maneuverability and accessibility in tight spaces


• Uses heavy 8.5 Ah batteries which can be cumbersome to carry around for extended periods of time

-Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer:


• Lightweight design only weighing half as much as heavier trimmers and making it easier to maneuver, even in tight spots.
• Has a longer battery life than the DeWalt trimmer, running up to 8 hours on one charge making it great for extended work sessions.


• Provides less torque than the DeWalt trimmer meaning it may struggle to cut through overgrown grass or weeds.

DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer and Craftsman CMCST930 are both excellent options for homeowners who want a reliable, easy-to-use trimmer. When deciding between the two, we suggest considering power and convenience first.

The DeWalt offers a high torque motor and adjustable speed while the Craftsman offers a convenient push-start and extended reach trigger for larger areas. Both are easy to start and operate with little effort but the DeWalt is slightly more powerful overall.

In terms of price, the Craftsman is slightly less expensive than the DeWalt, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. However, when all things are considered, we recommend going with the DeWalt as it offers more power plus lightweight construction that’s user friendly no matter what size yard you’re working on. For these reasons, the final verdict is that the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer is better than Craftsman CMCST930.


Q1. What is the difference between the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer and Craftsman CMCST930?

A1.The primary differences between these two models are in terms of their power source, motor size, and cutting width. While the DeWalt trimmer uses an electric motor, the Craftsman runs on gas. The motor size of the DeWalt is 740 watts compared to 24cc on the Craftsman, and its cutting width is 17 inches versus 14 inches for the Craftsman.

Q2. What features do DeWalt DCST972X5 or Craftsman CMCST930 trimmers share?

A2. Both the DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer and Craftsman CMCST930 have an adjustable speed trigger that can be adjusted to customize their performance depending on the type of trimming job at hand. They also both come with ergonomic handles for user comfort as well as bump-feed string head for easy reloading of line during use.

Q3. Which one is easier to use, DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930?

A3. The DeWalt trimmer is easier to use, due to its lightweight design and electric motor that requires no mixing of fuel or oil before starting up. This makes it convenient for users who don’t want to deal with any added hassles when using a trimmer like this one needs gasoline engines require for operation.

Q4. How much does DeWalt DCST972X5 or Craftsman CMCST930  cost?

A4. The approximate retail price for a new DeWalt DCST972X1 String Trimmer is around $160 while a new Craftsman CMCST930 will cost approximately $280 USD. Prices may vary depending on where you purchase them from or which retailer you buy from so it’s advised that customers shop around and compare prices before making a purchase decision on either model costly .

Q5. Is there any warranty associated with DeWalt DCST972X5 vs Craftsman CMCST930 products?

A5: Both models come with 2-year limited warranties from their respective manufacturers, offering protection against manufacturing defects caused by normal wear and tear over time, ensuring peace of mind for customers purchasing either product.

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