Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

This article will provide an overview of the features and specifications of the Echo DSRM-2100 and Craftsman CMCST930 lawnmowers, in order to help users make informed decisions when choosing one. Both models have their own unique advantages, so we’ll explore them both in more detail to determine which one is better suited for your needs. . The Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer based on following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Echo DSRM-2100 and the Craftsman CMCST930 are both highly powerful and efficient engines. The Echo DSRM-2100 features a 21cc, two cycle engine that offers professional grade power, torque and fuel efficiency. The Craftsman CMCST930 has a 30cc, four cycle engine, delivering enhanced performance with an impressive displacement of 689 cm3.

The Echo DSRM-2100 produces 2.1 horsepower and 2 pounds of torque from its 21cc engine, while the Craftsman CMCST930 offers 3 horsepower and 6 pounds of torque from its larger 30cc motor. The majority of consumers prefer the 4 stroke system in the Craftsman due to its easier maintenance schedule versus the more frequent maintenance demands placed on users with the 2 stroke Echo engine.

Both engines also contain air cooling systems which protect against wear and tear, ensuring they last longer. However when it comes to operating noise levels while under load or at idle, The Echo is quieter than the Craftsman but only marginally so. Ultimately it really depends on user preference as far as power levels go; If you’re looking for sheer power then go for the Craftsman but if you’d like something that’s a bit smaller yet still packs some serious punch you should consider the Echo DSRM-2100.

2. Usability

The Echo DSRM-2100 and the Craftsman CMCST930 both offer exceptional usability, but the Echo DSRM-2100 is an especially good choice if you’re looking for a lawn mower that’s easy to use.

The huge benefit of the Echo DSRM-2100 is its single lever operation; with a simple pull of the lever, you can set and adjust the cutting height quickly and easily in 1/4″ increments up to 6″. Additionally, it also has an adjustable wheelbase, so you can adjust it to be closer or farther away from the ground.

In comparison, the Craftsman CMCST930 lacks this single lever operation and requires you to manually adjust each of its six different cutting heights across two different levers. This makes it much more difficult to adjust overall, making the Echo DSRM-2100 a better all around choice for ease of use.

Plus, due to its quill handle design, it’s easier to maneuver over hills with less effort than many other lawn mowers on the market today.

3. Features

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 is a comparison of two similar models lawnmowers. Both the Echo and Craftsman units offer users many advantages, including mulching capabilities, adjustable cutting heights, robust maintenance features, and the ability to handle large yards.

The Echo DSRM-2100 comes with a variety of other features that make it an even more attractive choice for those looking for a high-quality lawnmower. It has a 3 in 1 bagging system with both side discharge as well as mulching capabilities. The powerful 190 cc engine allows for up to 6 different cutting height settings from .5” to 4” and large 11” rear wheels make maneuvering on uneven terrain effortless.

Additionally, the ECHO has an extra long 28” cord so you can mow your entire yard without having to stop and re-plugging in every few feet.

The Craftsman CMCST930 is not as feature-rich as the Echo DSRM-2100 but still offers impressive specs such as its turn key starting system. It has multiple height cutting options ranging from 1” to 4” and also comes with dual mulching blades making it easier to get a full lawn coverage. Finally, the durable steel deck ensures lasting value and performance adding even more longevity and convenience to this reliable mower

4. Versatility

The Echo DSRM-2100 Lawn Mower and the Craftsman CMCST930 are two of the top rated lawn mowers on the market. Both give you great power and performance, but there are some key differences that you need to consider when making a purchasing decision.

The ECHO DSRM-2100 has some impressive features, such as a powerful engine, interchangeable blade system and adjustable handle height for different heights of users. The large wheels also contribute to its versatility as it can easily tackle any terrain from flat surfaces to hilly landscapes.

With its easy star t pull recoil, no more struggling with starting your lawn mower engine. Additionally, features such as an ergonomic handle make this mower comfortable to use throughout long periods of time.

The Craftsman CMCST930 is also packed with features like an adjustable three position wheel axle for multiple cutting heights, a self-propelled drive system that reduces user effort in pushing and maneuvering the machine and a battery indicator light that lets you know when you run out of battery power.

Moreover, this model has a large 24 inch cutting deck which means larger areas can be cut faster with fewer passes. Furthermore, extras like a cutting head guard ensure added protection against flying debris while in use.

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Pros of Echo DSRM-2100:

  • Lightweight (only 10 lbs) for easy maneuverability and portability
  •  High power 3HP motor and 2200 RPM cutting speed
  • Comes with two 21” dual action steel blades
  •  Offers greater control with precise depth adjustment system

Pros of Craftsman CMCST930:

  • Easy-to-assemble construction allows for quick set up
  •  4.5HP engine and 2400 RPMS performance delivers reliable performance
  • Comes with two durable 20” triple sided blades for extended life span and superior cutting quality
  • Adjustable cutting depth system to tackle various tasks at different depths.

Cons of Echo DSRM-2100:

  • Does not come with additional user safety features like blade brakes or emergency stops, which poses a risk to users while operating the machine.

Cons of Craftsman CMCST930:

  •  Slightly heavier than other mowers in the segment (29 lbs). Thus, not as portable.
  •  Noisy operation when used for prolonged periods of time

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The Echo DSRM-2100 and Craftsman CMCST930 are two excellent options when it comes to string trimmers. Each one has its own pros and cons. The Echo DSRM-2100 is slightly more powerful, has less noise pollution, and is significantly lighter in weight than the Craftsman CMCST930. However, when it comes to affordability the Craftsman model is more budget friendly. Ultimately, both models offer great features and performance for their respective price points.

The final verdict: The Echo DSRM-2100 offers the best power and features for the money, and should be favored if overall performance is a priority. If value for money is your main consideration then you should opt for the Craftsman CMCST930 as it offers a solid performance while still saving you some money.


Q1: What is the power source of the Echo DSRM-2100 and Craftsman CMCST930?

A1: The Echo DSRM-2100 runs on a two-stroke engine, while the Craftsman CMCST930 runs on gas.

Q2: What type of drive system does Echo DSRM-2100 or Craftsman CMCST930 have?

A2: The Echo DSRM-2100 has a notched drive belt system and the Craftsman CMCST930 has an all steel direct drive system.

Q3: How heavy are the machines, Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930?

A3: The Echo DSRM-2100 weighs 17.6 lbs., while the Craftsman CMCST930 weighs 33 lbs.

Q4: Which machine offers better cutting width, Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930?

A4: The Echo DSRM-2100 has a more extensive cutting width at 22 inches compared to 16 inches for the Craftsman CMCST930.

Q5 Which machine is better suited for tough jobs, Echo DSRM-2100 vs Craftsman CMCST930?

A5: The Craftsman CMCST930, due to its powerful engine and all steel direct drive system, is capable of handling heavy workloads and tough assessments. Additionally, its heavier weight makes it steadier than the Echo DSRM-2100 when running at a high intensity.


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