Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

Looking to determine which string trimmer best fits your needs? Compare the Echo SRM-2620 and Craftsman CMCST930 string trimmers and decide which one is right for you.Both offer features such as variable speed, adjustable cutting width, and dependable power with good balance. Explore their different advantages and drawbacks to make an informed decision. . The Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer based on following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Echo SRM-2620 and Craftsman CMCST930 are two string trimmer options for a homeowner or landscapers looking to keep their yards trimmed.

When it comes to power, the Echo SRM-2620 has a 25.4cc engine with 0.95 horsepower which makes it powerful and able to tackle dense grass or weeds.

The Craftsman CMCST930 also has a similar 25cc engine but its 0.84 horsepower gives it slightly less power than the Echo model.

In addition to being more powerful, the Echo SRM-2620 features other advantages such as a high torque gear case that helps with both speed and accuracy of trimming, as well as Ultra Lite™ technology that provides improved fuel efficiency without any loss of power. The Craftsman CMCST930 also offers many features like an ergonomic handle design for comfortable handling and an adjustable cutting width for greater versatility while trimming around different areas in the yard.

Overall, each model is a good option depending on your needs, but if you’re looking for something more powerful then the Echo SRM-2620 would be your best bet thanks to its higher horsepower engine and wealth of helpful features making it easier to trim any size yard quickly and efficiently.

2. Usability

Two excellent string trimmers for the job are the Echo SRM-2620 and the Craftsman CMCST930. The Echo SRM-2620 is a professional-grade, gas-powered trimmer that meets or exceeds all expectations in terms of performance and versatility.

The powerful 52cc engine, high-torque transmission, and sturdy cutting head make short work of any landscaping task. In contrast, the Craftsman CMCST930 is a compact electric trimmer meant for occasional trimming. It has a 14-inch cutting swath, is powered by an 18-volt battery, and has a variable-speed trigger.

Both versions are well-balanced and easy to hold, but the Echo SRM-2620 stands out thanks to its rubberized grip and superior usage. Its clever handle lets you adjust the cutting angle for optimal comfort and control.

The D-handle design of the Craftsman CMCST930 allows for excellent handling and several operating settings for maximum user comfort. You won’t get tired of using either model quickly because of how light they are.

3. Features

Trimmers like the Craftsman CMCST930 and the Echo SRM-2620 are effective and feature-rich options.

The Echo SRM-2620 features a 25 cc two-cycle engine, which provides robust performance with minimal environmental impact. The ergonomic grip and i-30 easy-starting technology make it a pleasure to use.

The cutting head may be adjusted in both height and angle, expanding its usefulness, and a string guard prevents accidental cuts.

The Craftsman CMCST930, on the other hand, features a 21 cc 4-stroke engine that delivers power efficiently and cleanly.

In addition to its adjustable handle and automated start/stop function, this trimmer also features a convenient automatic start/stop function. Also, the 13-inch cutting head’s height adjustment enables for more convenient and accurate trimming.

4. Versatility

The Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer is an adaptable tool that can complete any trimming task with ease. Its cutting head can be adjusted to three different positions and rotated a full 180 degrees, allowing you to trim precisely even in confined locations.

A direct-drive gearbox provides stable output, and the dual-line bump feeds streamline reloading. Because of this, it’s great for both commercial and domestic settings.

The Craftsman CMCST930 is a trimmer that may be operated with ease and versatility thanks to its four independently adjustable cutting angles. The cutting swath is 13 inches, giving you plenty of room to work, and the 12 amp motor is more than powerful enough to handle any task.

It’s easy to use this trimmer in any position because of the 7-piece adjustable handle.

When it comes to functionality and adaptability in the garden or yard, both of these trimmers are excellent options.

While the Echo SRM-2620 provides a cleaner cut than the Craftsman CMCST930, it is not as strong. The Craftsman, on the other hand, provides greater power but less accuracy than the Echo.

Therefore, when deciding on a trimmer, each user will have their own preference depending on their individual requirements.

Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer vs Craftsman CMCST930 Comparison


• Echo SRM-2620 has a powerful 25.4cc engine for heavy duty jobs and a speed feed head for easy line replacement.
• Craftsman CMCST930 is equipped with adjustable handle to reduce fatigue while in use and easy push starting system to get work done quickly.
• Both these tools are equipped with advanced anti-vibration system so users can work longer without fatigue or discomfort.


• The Echo SRM-2620 is more expensive than the Craftsman CMCST930.
• The Echo SRM-2620 does not have a shoulder strap that comes included, which is necessary for longer projects.
• The Craftsman CMCST930 does not have the same level of power as the Echo SRM-2620, making it unsuitable for heavier jobs.

Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The Echo SRM-2620 and Craftsman CMCST930 are both excellent string trimmers. However, which one is better for you depends on your specific garden needs.

The Echo SRM-2620 has a greater motor power and cutting width than the Craftsman CMCST930, making it better for tackling larger yards with high levels of overgrowth. In addition, it has a strong vibration reducer feature that makes it more comfortable to work with over extended periods of time.

The Craftsman CMCST930 is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it the go-to choice for smaller gardens and yards. It has numerous features that make trimming edges around sidewalks or patios simple and effortless.

Ultimately, the final verdict of which is better really comes down to what you need your trimmer for. If you’re looking for something that will tackle larger jobs quickly then the Echo SRM-2620 might be the right fit; however, if you have a small garden space that requires detailed trimming then the Craftsman CMCST930 might be your best option.


Q1. What is the difference between Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Craftsman CMCST930?

A1. The main difference between the Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and the Craftsman CMCST930 is that the Echo model has a larger cutting swath of 17 inches compared to the Craftsman’s 15 inches. Additionally, the Echo trimmer features an adjustable handle for increased comfort and control, while the Craftsman trimmer does not have this feature.

Q2. Does Echo SRM-2621 or Craftsman CMCST930 trimmer come with a shoulder strap or harness?

A2. Both trimmers do not include a shoulder strap or harness in their standard offerings, however one can be purchased separately from either manufacturer as an added accessory.

Q3. Which trimmer requires less maintenance, Echo SRM-2621 vs Craftsman CMCST930?

A3. Generally speaking, both trimmers require minimal maintenance at most times; however in terms of periodic maintenance such as line replacement and filter cleaning, because of its high torque engine, the Echo SRM-2620 is likely to require less frequent servicing than its counterpart from Craftsman.

Q4. Is Echo SRM-2621 or Craftsman CMCST930 model better suited for edging?

A4: The Echo SRM-2620 features a spool that is designed specifically for edge trimming which makes it ideal for that purpose over its competitor from Craftsman whose spool works best when used for basic grass cutting tasks.

Q5: Is there a warranty period offered on Echo SRM-2621 or Craftsman CMCST930 model?

A5: Yes, both manufacturers offer warranty periods on their respective models with Echo offering up to two years and Craftsman offering up to three years respectively with some restrictions depending on merchandise registration within those respective time frames.


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