Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer Comparison

Are you struggling to choose between the Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and the Toro 51810T? Look no further–here’s a comprehensive comparison of two highly regarded models. We’ll look at each trimmer’s power, versatility, and ease of use so you can decide which one is right for you.  The Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer Comparison Comparison

Here we compare Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer based on the following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Echo SRM-2620 string trimmer and the Toro 51810T are two models of trimmers that have features to make them competitive in terms of power and engine size. The Echo SRM-2620 is a lightweight model designed for commercial applications with a 21.2cc 2-cycle Easy Starting engine and 25.4 cc/oz fuel tank capacity for longer operating times.

It also has i-30 starting technology to simplify starting and reduce user fatigue, ensuring better performance every time it’s used. The Toro 51810T is uniquely designed varying in both the motor size, speed, and cutting diameter but still proving to be powerful enough to tackle any lawn trimming job.

It offers a 20-watt motor that packs up to 0.096 line size for maximum efficiency while maintaining a flowing line length of 12 inches maximum cutting width with its dual action blades that can trim most sizes of lawns quickly. Both these powerhouses are productive and reliable when it comes to trimming those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

2. Usability

Two of the best-selling string trimmers on the market now are the Echo SRM-2620 and the Toro 51810T. As a result of their superior functionality, dependability, and ease of use, both are great options for maintaining a neat lawn and tidying up confined areas.

Both the Echo SRM-2620 and the Toro 51810T have excellent features that make them simple to operate and more productive.

The Echo model includes a big front handle with a soft foam grip, making it more manageable for those with little hands. It also boasts a robust engine, providing more than enough power to cut through tall grass without difficulty.

Additionally, the Toro string trimmer’s ergonomic handle design makes it easy to work for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue in your arms.

This model’s cutting head is also quite flexible, allowing you to regulate the amount of grass being chopped with pinpoint accuracy.

To keep a lawn looking neat and tidy without investing too much time or effort, either of these string trimmers is an ideal choice.

Both choices offer high quality at a low price, making it difficult to pick a clear winner in terms of overall usability.

3. Features

The Echo SRM-2620 is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get their lawn in shape thanks to its many useful features. The SRM-2620 allows you to customize the trimmer’s power to your exact specifications with its variable-speed trigger and shaft.

The Rapid-Loader head has two lines that may be quickly reloaded. In case of any motor issues down the road, you can rest easy knowing that it is covered by a limited 5-year warranty.

The Toro 51810T’s many useful extras can come in handy when you’re tending to your grass.

This model, like the SRM-2620, features an adjustable speed trigger and shaft, but it also comes with a Quick-Lok attachment mechanism, so you can effortlessly transition between tools. In addition, its powerful 25cc engine provides exceptional performance, making quick work of even the toughest grasses.

The Toro 51810T guarantees long-lasting excellence at an affordable price with its standard 2-year warranty.

4. Flexibility

Popular string trimmers like the Echo SRM-2620 and the Toro 51810T have several benefits. Both have their uses, but the Echo SRM-2620 is so adaptable that it really shines out.

The Echo SRM-2620 is equipped with a 21.2cc professional quality 2-resonator engine with a Speed Feed 400 cutting head for quick and easy line reloading. As a result, you’ll be able to go through even the most challenging tasks faster and with cleaner trimming results.

Furthermore, it is accessible in both curved shaft and straight shaft types to meet the varying requirements of its users in a variety of environments.

The Toro 51810T, with its dual-line spool design and 18-inch cutting capacity, is a more conventional option for smaller gardens and yards.

While the Echo SRM-2620 is well-suited to lighter tasks, its limited capabilities prevent it from being used for more complex projects.

Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer vs Toro 51810T Comparison:


• Echo SRM-2620 is lightweight, at 10.3 lbs, making it easy to maneuver and manipulate in tighter spaces.
• Toro 51810T has dual-line bump feed system for convenience of continuous work without interruption.
• Echo SRM-2620 comes with a two-year residential warranty that gives added protection.
• Toro 51810T is equipped with a larger cutting swath of 17 inches compared to 13 inches of the Echo SRm-2620.


• Echo SRM-2620 has low power output at just 0.095 HP, meaning it will struggle with thicker weeds and grasses.
• Toro 51810T does not have as long of a reach as the Echo model, measuring in at just 51 inch compared to 64 inch reach on the Echo string trimmer.
• Despite having been around longer, many feel the Echo SRM-2620 is not as reliable as the Toro 51810T when it comes to performance and durability.
• Based on price per features ratio, reviews from consumers suggest that the Toro 51810T may be better value than the Echo model

Echo SRM-2623 vs Toro 51810T String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and the Toro 51810T are both great trimmers for homeowners’ needs.

When comparing the two, the Echo SRM-2620 is a little lighter and easier to handle, which makes it easy to maneuver when trimming. The Toro 51810T has a more powerful motor that can make quick work of tough weeds and grass. Also, according to customer reviews, the Toro 51810T requires less maintenance than some other trimmers on the market.

Overall, both string trimmers have their advantages. For those looking for a lightweight tool with minimal maintenance demands, then the Echo SRM-2620 is best for you. If you want something with more power and capabilities, then the Toro 51810T should be your choice. In conclusion, either one of these two trimmers will provide great results for any homeowner without costing too much money or effort.


Q1. What are the differences between the Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Toro 51810T?

A1. The primary differences between the Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Toro 51810T are engine power, fuel capacity, cutting line diameter, weight, and cutting swath width.

The Echo SRM-2620 has a 21.2cc engine with a 0.155” diameter cutting line and a 16” cutting swath width while the Toro 51810T has a 25cc engine with a 0.095” diameter line and an 18” cutting swath width. Additionally, the Echo trimmer has 2.91 fl oz of fuel capacity while the Toro trimmer has 8oz of fuel capacity. Lastly, the Echo trimmer weighs 11lbs while the Toro trimmer weighs 12lbs.

Q2. Which one is better for larger areas like lawns, Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer, and Toro 51810T?

A2. Due to its larger cutting swath width of 18 inches compared to 16 inches, as well as its higher fuel capacity (8oz vs 2.91 fl oz), lower weight (12lbs rather than 11lbs), and greater torque output from its 25cc engine – we would recommend using the Toro 51810T for larger areas like lawns rather than the Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer.

Q3. Do Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Toro 51810T devices have adjustable speed settings?

A3: No, neither device comes with adjustable speed settings – they both operate at one set speed determined by their respective engines (21cc for the Echo vs 25 cc for Toro).

Q4: How long are typical warranties for Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Toro 51810T devices?

A4: The standard warranty on both products is two years from the purchase date provided it was not abused/neglected by the user during this period (as specified in the respective manufacturer’s product manual). However extended warranties may be available directly through each company’s service department depending on the customer’s requirements/terms agreed upon at the point of sale so it is advised to check with them prior to purchasing either product in order to ensure maximum coverage level over a longer period of time if required /desired by the customer.

Q5: Do Echo SRM-2620 String Trimmer and Toro 51810T cost approximately the same?

A5: Yes – they both generally retail around similar prices on average – making them fairly equally costed in most regional markets when taking into account delivery fees as well as other associated charges that can occur between purchases/supplier locations etc…

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