Blue Max 52623 String Trimmer

1. Blue-Max 52623 String Trimmer is a powerful and reliable gardening tool.

2. With a strong, durable electric motor and variable speed control, you can easily trim away weeds, grass quickly and efficiently.

3. Lightweight design, Comfortable use, Versatile and easy to use, the Blue-Max 52623 is ideal for all kinds of gardening needs,Gardener’s toolkit.

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Blue-Max-52623-String-Trimmer Product Description

The Blue-Max-52623 String Trimmer is ideal for homeowners who need to reach those hard to trim areas of their lawn quickly and efficiently. This powerful yet lightweight trimmer features a 20V lithium ion battery that provides enough power to complete a full lawn trim in a single charge, as well as a rechargeable battery for convenient storage and transportation. The superior balance offered by this trimmer also helps reduce fatigue and strain on the user’s arms and back.

Features & Specs

• Battery Type: 20V lithium ion
• Motor: 24V brushless motor
• Cutting Width: 12”
• Trimming Line Diameter: .065in dual line feed spool
• Weight: 8lb without battery

Additional Info & FAQ

Q: Is the Blue-Max 52623 capable of trimming larger areas?
A: Yes, the Blue-Max 52623 is equipped with an extended handle so it can reach farther into hedges, along fences, around trees, and more. Furthermore its adjustable cutting height allows you to tackle thicker lawns or weeds with ease.

Q: Can I use my existing 20V batteries with this tool?
A: Yes! All 20V batteries are compatible with the Blue-Max 52623 allowing you to use multiple batteries for longer run times or swap them out in between charges.

Q: Does it come with any safety features?
A: Yes! Sticklers can rest easy knowing that the Blue-Max 52623 comes equipped with a guard that keeps users protected from trimmings while they work as well as an auto shutoff feature when not in use.

The Blue Max 52623 is the perfect string trimmer for those looking for easy handling combined with precision power – all delivered at a great value.

Make cleanup easier than ever with the help of this robust machine specifically designed to increase productivity in your lawn care tasks while lasting longer than traditional corded models. Get yours today for smooth yard maintenance every time!