Cub Cadet 25A 262J710 String Trimmer

1. Cut your lawn with the Cub Cadet 25A-262J710 String Trimmer. This hardworking trimmer features a powerful 2-cycle engine for quick trimming .

2. With the dual-line cutting system, you can reduce time spent on trimming .

3. The Cub Cadet 25A-262J710 String Trimmer also featuring an adjustable handlebar for convenient usage according to your body size.

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Cub Cadet 25A-262J710 String Trimmer

Keep your lawn looking neat and trim with the Cub Cadet 25A-262J710 String Trimmer. This versatile string trimmer offers powerful performance and long-lasting reliability, making it a great choice for keeping your outdoor space looking its best.

Featuring an advanced two-stroke engine, the trimmer can easily cut through thick grass, weeds, and brush. The easy crank start makes getting started a breeze and its lightweight design ensures that you can maneuver it comfortably even over large areas of land.

Product Features:

• Easy to use crank start
• Powerful two-stroke engine
• Lightweight design – only 10 pounds!
• 5 amp motor delivers up to 4500 RPMs  for fast cutting performance
• Powerful centrifugal clutch provides smooth control for more precise trimming  results
• Dual cutting line system effortlessly cuts through thick grass and weeds without gumming up                                         the trimmer head or stalling out
• Ergonomic handle with soft rubberized grip ensure comfortable use during extended periods                                 of operation
• Adjustable shaft length makes customizing the fit quick and simple
• Detachable debris shield protects from flying debris while in use

Additional Product Information:

• Includes spool and cover prewound for convenience• Protective string guard guards against flying stones • Fuel stabilizer prevents deposits from building up in fuel reservoir • Easy access spark arrestor reduces risk of fire due to sparks • Easy operation panel makes operation of unit simple • Complies with California Air Resources Board emission laws • Compatible with optional edger attachment (sold separately)

Product Specifications:

• Engine type: 2 Stroke • Displacement (cc): 25 • Starting Method: Crank Start • Max power output (HP): 0.75 • Ignition system: CDI • Fuel tank capacity (Gallons): .65 • Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 46 × 8 × 12 4 Weight (lbs.): 10 Warranty: 2 years limited**

Product FAQs:

Q1) How do I replace the cutting line on my Cub Cadet trimmer?

A1)The cutting lines can easily be replaced by removing the detached shield using a flat head screwdriver then replacing it with fresh line according to the instructions provided in your user’s manual.

Q2) How many cutting lines does this trimmer have?

A2)The Cub Cadet 25A-262J710 operates with dual cutting lines allowing you to quickly finish your job without having to constantly stop and adjust or reload new line onto the trimmer head.