Cub Cadet 41Ad490C912 String Trimmer

1. Cub Cadet 41AD490C912 String trimmer features a reliable 25cc two-cycle engine and boasts ergonomic design.

2. Equipped with a 17 inch cutting swath with dual bump head line advancement to make cutting easier, it’s an excellent choice for any outdoor job.

3.Cub Cadet String Trimmer is Powered by gas, So this trimmer is great for bigger tasks that need more endurance from your tool.

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Cub-Cadet-41Ad490C912 String Trimmer: Get Yourself Ready for the Great Outdoors!

Are you looking for a powerful and reliable tool to prepare your garden or lawn and make it look like a million bucks? Introducing the new Cub Cadet 41AD490C912 String Trimmer, an ideal choice for transforming your outdoor space into something magical and eye-catching

. Now available with innovative features like easy start technology, redesigned ergonomic control handle, and adjustable line length, this trimmer is sure to become your go-to tool each summer!

Features & Specs:

• Powerful 17.7cc gas motor with Easy Start Technology ensures fewer pulls are needed to fire up the engine – saving you time and effort.
• Quickly adjusts between 4 different heights (11” – 16”) for improved comfort of use.
• Reversible Speed Control Dial allows you quickly adjust trimming speed between 1st gear (slow) or 2nd gear (fast).

• Easily trim thick/tall grass up to 3x faster than conventional trimmers.
• Improved Head Design with less hair entanglement ensuring longer lasting parts.
• Automatically engages secondary handlebar with No Tool Required set up process when in use minimizing user fatigue while working on larger lawns/gardens.
• Comes equipped with 0.095” dual line cutting system making it easier to get into hard to reach places with accuracy precision controls.

Additional Features:

• Lightweight yet durable construction providing better balance and increased user control over the trimmer head during longer work hours.
• Twist ‘n Go operation make this trimmer even more efficient meaning you won’t have to bother rewinding the string ever again after every few uses thanks to its reduced recoil force efficiency design that automatically replenishes itself via an internal thread spool system that needs no replacing.

Product FAQs:

Q1: What type of gas does the Cub Cadet 41AD490C912 String Trimmer use?
A1: This trimmer uses unleaded gasoline mixed with oil approved by your engine manufacturer – refer user manual supplied for exact ratio requirement based on your types of build engine used in this variant model of string trimmer from Cub Cadet brand series collection!

Q2: How much weight does this trimmer add?
A2: The Cub Cadet 41AD490C912 String Trimmer has a lightweight design combined an ergonomically designed handle that help reduce fatigue during extended use so even though there are additional parts adding weight the overall impact is minimal coming in at only 7lbs total weight!

Q3 What type of maintenance should I expect on this model?
A3: Thankfully minimal as this product has been designed using high quality materials meant to provide you years of enjoyment without any significant upkeep required simply maintain proper operations such as changing air filter/oil regularly as directed on the accompanying product manual booklet – refer owner Operational usage.

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