Cub Cadet 41Adz28C912 String Trimmer

1. The Cub Cadet 41ADZ28C912 String Trimmer offers unbeatable performance and user-friendly operation for a perfect yard trimming experience.
2. Its lightweight design at 11 pounds allows the trimmer to be handled without compromising comfort and maneuverability.
3. It provides the power of an 18cc 4-cycle engine with reduced exhaust emission.

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Cub-Cadet 41Adz28C912: An Unbeatable String Trimmer

The Cub-Cadet 41Adz28C912 is an incredibly powerful, durable string trimmer that offers a plethora of features for any user. It’s powered by a 28cc 2-cycle full crank engine that provides users with ultimate reliability, durability and higher performance. From trimming tall grass to maintaining edging paths, this trimmer has you covered!

Product Features

This string trimmer is sided with an array of incredible features and specifications that make it stand out among the rest. Here are some of the features this product boasts:

• Powered by a 28cc full crank engine – reliable power to get the job done quickly and efficiently
• Auto Choke System – quick start capability allows users to begin operating with minimal effort
• 17 inch cutting width – large size offers powerful cutting capabilities on larger surfaces and areas faster
• Dual Line Bump Feed – 0.095” line capacity ensures efficient fuel delivery for best results
• Lightweight Design – At just 13 lbs., you can easily maneuver this trimmer around tight corners or hard-to-reach places with ease


• 28cc Full Crank Engine
• Cutting Width: 17 inches / 0.095 Line Capacity (Dual Line Feed)
• 7,500 RPM Rating (33 FPM)
• Average Weight: 13 lbs.

Additional Information & Product FAQs

Q: Does this trimmer have adjustable handle height?

A: Yes, this trimmer supports adjustable handle height to suit all sizes and heights. You can easily adjust the handle height so that you won’t strain yourself while using it.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories?

A: Yes! Depending on your needs, there are many optional accessories available for purchase such as shoulder straps, edger blades or replacement lines & spools that can be used in addition with Cub Cadet string trimmers.

Q: What fuel do I need to use in order to operate this trimmer?

A: This string trimmers uses high octane unleaded gasoline in combination with oil mix (2 cycle mix). The ratio between gasoline and oil should be 1 gallon of gasoline per 2.6 oz of oil mix (50/1).


The Cub-Cadet 41Adz28C912 String Trimmer is designed specifically for maximum power and superior performance for any outdoor trimming task you may have. Its easy start AutoChoke system ensures reliable operation from the very first start up every time you need it without fail..

Additionally its lightweight design makes operation comfortable over longer periods without feeling strained during extended use times due to fatigue or strain on arms & hands .

With its excellent balance amongst features and specifications combined with its superior UHP technology delivers outstanding results every time again allowing extremely pleased customers after each use session ready for more of the same great performance throughout long lasting job life expectancy..

All backed by 2 year limited Consumer Warranty ensures range well rounded satisfaction package fitted perfectly into everyone’s personal individual needs