Earthwise Ht10017 Hedge Trimmer

1. The Earthwise HT10017 hedge trimmer provides you with efficient power and precision-cutting performance
2. Powerful 18V motor & sharp dual-action blades: Powered by an 18V battery, the hedge trimmer features dual -action blades engineered to efficiently cut through the toughest twigs .
3. Comfort & convenience: The ergonomic soft touch handle absorbs vibrations making it comfortable and easy to use while providing maximum control over your cuts.

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Earthwise HT10017 Hedge Trimmer

Whether you are trimming a hedge or pruning back branches, the Earthwise HT10017 is a powerful, versatile hedge trimmer for all of your landscaping needs. This lightweight brushless motor hedge trimmer offers power, precision and comfort with its dual-action hardened steel blades and ergonomic design. With its extended reach and easy portability, you can quickly take care of any overgrown hedges or troublesome branches.

Product Features

• Powerful Brushless Motor: The Earthwise HT10017 features an efficient brushless motor that delivers maximum performance without all the noise or fuss of a gas-powered tool. No tedious starting procedure or emissions in operation.
• Dual-Action Hardened Steel Blades: The dual-action blades provide longer life as they stay sharper longer thanks to their hardened steel construction. They are also adjustable from 0° – 150° for versatility in cutting angles.
• Reach & Comfort: Reach hard to get areas with this 18″ blade length coupled with an ergonomic design providing increased balance and comfort during extended use.

Product Specifications

• Type: Hedge Trimmer
• Power Source: Electric
• Cutting Blades: Dual-Action Hardened Steel
• Blade Length: 18” (45 cm)
• Noise Level: 79 dB(A), 60% less than gas powered tools .

Additional Information

The Earthwise HT10017 is one of the best performing hedge trimmers on the market today, delivering impressive performance while keeping noise levels at a minimum. Its lightweight design also makes it easy for homeowners to carry around the yard and around obstacles like flower beds or shrubs without dragging big gas units behind them. It can tackle any kind of hedges with ease, making it perfect for those challenging jobs like topiary work or large vista shaped hedges that need expert attention to look their best.’ .

Product FAQs

Q1) What does the Earthwise HT10017 come included with?
A1) The Earthwise HT10017 comes complete with 2 batteries, 1 charger, protective guards/guards for safe storage/use, hedge clipper blades and user guide/Instructions manual booklet .

Q2) How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
A2) It takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge the battery on this model depending on your specific charging setup .