Earthwise Lpht12417 Hedge Trimmer

1. Tackle tough trimming jobs easily with the Earthwise-Lpht12417 Hedge Trimmer! Its 24″ dual action cutting blades, ergonomic hand grip and low noise operation make it perfect for heavy duty.
2. Enjoy comfortable use with its adjustable head angle and cushioned anti-vibration hand grip designed to reduce fatigue during long outdoor work sessions.
3. Depend on reliable power with the installed cord retainer which ensures that your extension cord doesn’t get disconnected mid-trim.

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Earthwise-Lpht12417-Hedge-Trimmer – Manage Your Bushes Without Breaking a Sweat

If you’re looking for an easy way to trim your bushes and hedges without breaking a sweat, the Earthwise-Lpht12417-Hedge-Trimmer is an ideal tool for the job. Designed with 3.6V lithium ion battery power, this hedge trimmer will give you accurate cuts in much less time than manual tools. Perfect for professionals and homeowners alike, its unique features are sure to make it one of your garden favorites.

Product Description

Keep your hedges and shrubs neat and tidy all year round with the Earthwise LPHT12417 hedge trimmer. With a powerful 3.6 volt Lithium-ion battery pack capable of running for approximately 40 minutes on a full charge, this efficient trimmer will cut through even the thickest shrubs like butter.

An ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, while a lightweight and compact build make it easy to maneuver around tight spaces or in high places when needed. The sharp 24 inch dual action blades are constructed from premium quality materials that ensurelonglasting usage season after season; no more dulling edges frustrating you as you work!

All these features combined result in an effortless job every time so that you’re not stuck spending hours manually trimming away at your greenery.


•24 inch dual action blades crafted from high quality material
•3.6V Lithium ion Battery power
•Lightweight & Compact design – Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
•40 minutes runtime on full charge


• Blade length: 24 inches
•Material: High Quality Steel
•Power Source: 3.6V lithium ion battery pack
•Runtime: approximately 40 minutes on full charge

Additional Info & Product FAQs

Q1) How long does it take to charge the battery?

A1) Approximate charging time is between 4-5 hours using USB technology (with included adapter).

Q2)How often should I sharpen or service my blades?

A2) Depending on usage, we recommend sharpening or servicing blades every 6 months to prevent dulling or rusting over time. It’s also important to regularly clean/wipe them down after each use in order to keep them in optimal condition as well as prolong their life span

Q3)What kind of warranty comes with this product?

A3) This product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a two year limited warranty against any defects arising from poor craftsmanship or improper usage of materials under normal operating conditions