Efco Ds2700S String Trimmer

Efco-DS2700S String Trimmer features a powerful 27cc engine and a flexible drive shaft for tackling tough, overgrown areas with ease. The Efco-DS2700S is equipped with an adjustable cutting width of 25–32 cm, so you can switch quickly from trimming hedges to edging lawns or pathways.

Its lightweight design and ergonomic shape make it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles, giving you ultimate control for exact results.

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Efco DS2700S String Trimmer

Get ready to take back your yard this summer with the Efco DS2700S String Trimmer! This all-in-one trimmer is designed to make trimming and edging your lawn a breeze. It features ergonomically designed handles for maximum control while you work, along with an easily adjustable cutting head that lets you set the right angle for any task.

The large electric motor provides a powerful performance, making it easy to tackle even the toughest of weeds and grasses. Plus, you’ll be sure to appreciate the two safety guards that help minimize the risk of injury while in use.


• Ergonomically designed handles for maximum comfort and control
• Large 9 amp electric motor delivers reliable power when it’s needed
• Adjustable cutting head allows a range of angles from 0° to 90°
• Dual-line guard provides additional safety against flying debris
• Ergonomic protective shields reduce vibrations during operation
• Overload protection ensures safe operation

• Motor: 9 amp
• Cutting Angle: 0° – 90°
• Line Width: 1.5 mm • Weight: 6.2 lbs • Noise Level: < 95 dB A • Usage Time (on full charge): 30 minutes

Additional Info

The Efco DS2700S String Trimmer has been designed with convenient storage in mind so it can easily fit in most garages or sheds. It also features anti-vibration technology which helps reduce fatigue and makes it more comfortable to use over long periods of time – perfect for taking care of bigger yards. Plus, with a wide selection of replacement parts available, you can be sure it will keep working like new for seasons to come!

Product FAQ

Q: How do I adjust the cutting angle?
A: To adjust the cutting angle, simply use the handle located at the top of the trimmer head and move it up or down as needed until you achieve your desired angle.

Q: Is this trimmer suitable for larger lawns?
A: Yes! This trimmer comes equipped with a powerful 9 amp electric motor that provides plenty of power to tackle tough weeds and grasses, making it suitable for larger yards as well!