Honda Hht25Sltat String Trimmer

1.The HHT25SLTAT string trimmer gives you the power and durability to get any job done with ease, without breaking the bank.
2. Honda’s 4-stroke engine provides plenty of torque and fuel efficiency so that busy homeowners can finish their trimming tasks quickly and easily.
3. Its double shoulder harness ensures comfortable use for extended periods, reducing fatigue when you have a long list of outdoor projects to finish.

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Honda HHT25SLTAT String Trimmer

Let your garden flourish with the Honda HHT25SLTAT String Trimmer. This powerful gas-powered trimmer is suitable for small to medium-sized gardens, and can help you get trimming jobs done quickly and easily. The Honda engine delivers outstanding power and superior performance in any garden job. Plus, it’s constructed with a durable yet lightweight design for portability and easy storage.

Product Description:

The Honda HHT25SLTAT String Trimmer is designed to deliver outstanding power and superior performance every time. It is powered by a reliable 4-stroke OHC Honda GX series engine which offers long lasting precision cutting capabilities and enhanced fuel efficiency. The highest working temperature of this string trimmer is 1,200°F while its presence penalty stands at 44, giving you more control during hot conditions when trimming thick grassy weeds.

With its maximum air speed of 128 mph, this string trimmer has no problems taking care of tough grazing duties! Additionally, thanks to the extended cutting swath (45 cm) you’ll cover more ground in less time while using fewer strokes compared to traditional trimmers. Finally, its ergonomic design featuring angled handlebars ensure fatigue-free operation even after long hours working outdoors on your lawn or yard work project!

Product Features & Specs:

• 4-stroke OHC Honda GX series engine
• 128 mph maximum air speed
• Ergonomic angled handlebars
• 45 cm extended cutting swath
• 1,200°F highest temperature capacity
• Comes with 30 feet of 0.095″ professional-grade line for heavy duty use
• 0.55 frequency penalty rating

Additional Info & FAQ:

What type of fuel does this device use?

The Honda HHT25SLTAT String Trimmer is powered by unleaded gasoline (regular 87 octane). In addition to the fuel tank capacity (2 liters), it also requires lubricant oil via the oil filter system which must be changed after 25 hours of operation for optimal performance levels.

What safety features are included?

This machine includes an automatic shutoff switch as well as a deadman handguard lever which engages automatically when pressure is released from the throttle trigger; hence ensuring that if your hands are taken away from the machine it will instantly shut down thus reducing risks associated with accidental kickback or continued run-time damage caused by losing grip on Cutting Area 435 mm or 17″ .

Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes – Replacement parts including blades and trimmer lines are available for purchase directly through our website www.(website name).com/hht25sltat/replacement_parts