Honda Hht35Sltat String Trimmer

1. Get your lawn trimming job done faster with the Honda HHT35Sltat String Trimmer 25cc. Impress your neighbors with a neatly trimmed lawn in half the time.

2. This powerful trimmer is equipped with a durable 25cc mini 4-stroke engine and an ergonomically designed bike handle.

3. The intuitive controls make the trimmer easy to use and highly effective.

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The perfect landscaping tool is here – the Honda-Hht35Sltat-String-Trimmer! This versatile, high-performance string trimmer from Honda delivers amazing power and excellent results in no time. Whether you’re cutting through thick brush or edging your lawn to perfection, this trimmer makes it easy with its reliable performance.

It includes a powerful 35cc motor to help you tackle the toughest jobs imaginable so that you can create and maintain your lawn just like a pro.

Product Features:

• Powerful 35cc 4-Cycle Motor: Experience maximum power and results with this 35cc motor that’s more efficient than most other string trimmers on the market.

• Quick Start System: Get up and running right away with the easy starting system on this trimmer so that you don’t waste any time when getting to work.

• Convenient Loop Handle: Enjoy added control during operation with this comfortable loop handle designed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces or around obstacles.

• Adjustable Cutting Swath: Get all those hard to reach spots thanks to a swathe width easily adjustable 17″- 25″.

• Durable Shroud for Protection: The built in shroud keeps dirt and debris out of your face while providing protection for the inner workings of your machine for long term performance.

• Multi Position Head & Assortment of Attachments: Utilize multi position head feature allows for 360 degrees rotation along with 5 varied applications including a cultivator, edger, blower, and hedge trimmer!

Product Specifications:

• Weight (lbs.): 10.9 lbs
• Shaft Length (in.): 60 in
• Line Size (Dia.- In.): .095″
• Fuel Tank Capacity (fl oz.): 16 fl oz

Additional Information & Product FAQs:

Q) What type of fuel does the Honda-Hht35Sltat use?

A) The Honda-Hht35Sltat uses unleaded gasoline mixed with oil at a ratio of 40 parts gasoline to 1 part oil(40 : 1).

Q) Does the Honda include attachments?

A) Yes, it includes an edger attachment as well as a cultivator attachment, blower attachment and hedge trimmer attachment—allowing you to trim even the most difficult areas around your lawn if needed!

Q) What is temperature mode?

A) Temperature mode is an important feature included on many Honda products which helps reduce emissions by allowing users to adjust engine operating temperature based on their specific cutting needs–for example reducing speed when cutting light brush versus higher speeds for thicker brush variety areas at full power levels accordingly.

By fueling more efficiently through temperature control measures, users benefit from decreased fuel cost overall which translates into savings over time as well as reduced environmental impact!