Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer

1. The Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer is powerful and durable, making it the ideal choice for lawn care professionals and DIYers alike.

2. With two speed options, you can choose between power and efficiency so that no job is too hard.

3. It’s low noise means peaceful trimming without annoying neighbors while the ergonomic design ensures Comfort while you work.

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Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer

Stay ahead of your lawn care duties with the Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer. With its power and versatility, this trimmer is built to last and help you cut through heavy weeds or brush with ease. From teardown and trimming to edging in tight corners, this ergonomic trimmer has it all.

Product Description

The Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer features easy-to-use Smart Start technology for maximum performance at every pull. Its lightweight design combined with an ergonomic adjustable handle makes it easy to use and maneuver even in tight spaces.

A powerful 28cc two-cycle engine provides enough power to quickly take down weeds, thick brush, grassy areas, trimming paths or anything else that a homeowner needs trimmed down to size.

The included Easy Loading T25 Rapid Reload head reloads quickly without having to takes apart any clips or screws on the head itself – simply line up the trimmer’s line feeder slots with the end of the spool and it should click right into place quickly and easily.

The dual-line tap feed design also ensures that you have plenty of coverage while trimming tall grass in varying terrain types such as rocky soil or hard dirt. Lastly, a rotating rear handle gives you superior control while making precise trim breaks with each pass.

Features & Specs

• 28cc 2 Cycle Gas Engine
• 0.095″ Diameter Line
• Ergonomic Adjustable Handle
• Easy Loading T25 Rapid Reload Head • Dual Line Tap Feed Design • 10” Cutting Swath • Metal / Plastic Construction • Rotating Rear Handle for Superior Control • Smart Start Technology

Additional Info & Product FAQs:

Q: Is there an included warranty for the Husqvarna 952 71 19 53 String Trimmer?
A: Yes! All Husqvarna products include a limited usage warranty for all genuine parts used in commercial applications only (not personal projects). Please see your user manual for more information about specific warranties offered by Husqvarna on their products.