Husqvarna 961 73 00 06 String Trimmer

1. Its powerful 28cc 2 cycle engine delivers dependable, efficient performance even in tough terrain and situations.

2. With its convertible blade system, you can switch between a grass cutting line for straight trimming or blades for harder tasks like edging and pruning.

3. Stay safe during any job with safety features such as the stop switch .

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Husqvarna 961-73-00-06 String Trimmer

Upgrade your lawn trimming with the Husqvarna 961-73-00-06 String Trimmer. This powerful tool is ideal for those with medium to large yards and for those who want to make short work of trimming tall grass and weeds. It’s easy to use, lightweight, durable, and reliable so you can spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it.


• 25cc two stroke engine delivers superior cutting power: The Husqvarna 961-73-00-06 has a 25cc two stroke engine that easily powers through tall grass or thick weeds with ease. The ultimate combination of power and portability makes this one of the most popular trimmers on the market.

• Ergonomic design is comfortable for extended periods of use: A comfortable handle grip is important when dealing with a trimmer that has to be used for long periods of time. Thankfully, Husqvarna hasn’t skimped out on comfort — the ergonomic design allows for comfortable use even during extended working hours.

• Automatic starter requires minimal effort to get started: With the automatic starter, getting your trimmer going takes just seconds without any extra strain needed from you. Just push down on the handlebar, press the trigger button, and you’re ready to start trimming!

• 17” cutting swath delivers higher efficiency and fewer passes: By leveraging a wide cutting swath at 17 inches across, it allows you to cover more area in fewer passes meaning higher efficiency and saved time from making multiple trips over the same spot in your yard

• Lightweight design is easy to operate one handed The light weight and slim body shape ensures it’s effective even in tight spaces like corners or along walls — as well as one handed operation if needed in tight spots as well


• Engine displacement (cc): 25
• Gear ratio: 1/1 + 1/2
• Fuel type: Regular unleaded gasoline • Fuel tank capacity (l): 0.72 • Product length (in): 63 • Cutting swath (in): 17 • Weight (kgrb): 4 kg approximately

Additional Info

Quality tested for high performance every single time –When you buy a Husqvarna product there should never be any question about its quality. Every product we make is put through rigorous testing both in our own facilities as well as those of independent third parties before they make their way into someone’s home or commercial property . That commitment means you get performance every single time you use one of our products .

Product FAQ

Q1) What kind of fuel does this trimmer require?

A) The Husqvarna 961 – 73 – 00 – 06 requires regular unleaded gasoline .

Q2) How much cutting swath does this offer ?

A) This offers 17 inches of cutting – enough coverage for medium – sized backyard projects ! Q3) Is this trimmer lightweight ? A ) Yes , weighing in at only 4 kg , this trimmer is designed to be light enough that anyone can work with it comfortably!