Husqvarna 966 53 23 02 Hedge Trimmer

1. Make your garden maintenane easier with the powerful and lightweight Husqvarna 9665323-02 hedge trimmer.
2. Its 23cc 2-cycle engine features X-Torq® technology to reduce emissions & its 25″ double sided cutting bar ensures an ultra precise cut while consuming less energy.
3. Use Smart Start® feature which allows you to have an easy start each time & reduces exhaust emission levels while dealing with your garden chores quickly & conveniently.

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Husqvarna 966 53 23 02 Hedge Trimmer

Making life easier and more efficient, the Husqvarna 966 53 23 02 hedge trimmer is an incredibly powerful and reliable tool. With a dual-action blade, the trimmer can deliver an impressive cut to help you shape all of your garden’s hedges cleanly and quickly. As well as its hardy build, this trimmer has been designed with comfort in mind – the ergonomic handle ensures maximum efficiency coupled with minimal strain on the user’s hands.

Product Description

Experience true cutting power with the Husqvarna 966 53 23 02 hedge trimmer. Boasting an air-cooled two-stroke engine that delivers high performance whilst keeping emissions low, this trimmer operates efficiently and quietly.

The robust gear case and safety components ensure that operation is both safe and reliable, while the dual-action blades give you a clean cut every time. Perfect for residential use, this hedge trimmer also includes adjustable handles to suit any user – allowing you to complete tricky shoots with ease.

Product Features

• Air-cooled two-stroke engine for handheld use
• Dual-action blades deliver a cleaner and faster cut
• Robust gear case for durability and reliability
• Ergonomically designed handle allows comfortable use for extended periods of time
• Adjustable handles suit any user size or height
• Rounded corners increase safety when in operation

Product Specifications

Power source: Gasoline
Engine type: Two stroke air cooled
Output Power: 0.7 kW @ 6000 rpm Weight: 7kg Fuel tank capacity: 090ml Recommended bar length: 24 inch Cutting capacity (diameter): 16mm

Additional Info & FAQs

Q. How loud is this machine during operation?
A. This trimmer operates very quietly due to its air-cooled design which reduces noise significantly compared to other gas engines available on the market today. For added peace of mind, we recommend wearing ear protectors when operating this trimmer for extended periods of time.

Q. Is it easy to adjust between different hedge shapes?
A. Yes! The adjustable handle makes it easy to transition between different hedge shapes without having to reorient your hands each time – meaning less stress on your wrist over long sessions working outdoors!