Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer

1. Get the job done faster with the Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer, a powerful tool that delivers high performance and offers superior maneuverability.
2. This hedge trimmer comes with an adjustable handle and guardrail that allows you to customize the reach for improved comfort and stability .
3. With its 25 cc 2 stroke engine designed with X-Torq®, you’ll be able to perform powerful cuts with greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions than traditional 2 stroke engines.

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Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer: Get Your Garden Tamed

With the Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer, you can make short work out of garden maintenance. The powerful trimmer is designed to effectively and easily tackle even the toughest and most unwieldy hedges, and will let you trim down and sculpt your lawn in a way that won’t take hours or require back-breaking effort. This hedge trimmer can help you quickly bring your garden into shape.

Product Features

– Durable construction. This trimmer is made from a combination of steel and durable plastic components that are built for longevity, making it capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions—from heavy snowfall to scorching hot summers.
– Powerful motor. Equipped with a powerful engine, this hedge trimmer can easily trim even thick branches with minimal effort on your part, making it easy to get the job done quickly.
– Adjustable design. With adjustable cutting length settings and rotating double blades, this hedge trimmer is built for versatility; you’ll be able to work in hard to reach areas as well as tackle big jobs with its multiple settings.

– Power source: gas powered or electric (Optional accessory)
– Engine displacement: 42 cc
– Cutting length: 20 inches (51 cm)
– Weight: 11 pounds (5 kg)

Additional Info

The Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer is an ideal choice for homeowners who need a tool that can stand up against tough outdoor elements but still produce high quality results. You’ll be able to cut branches of all sizes at various angles due its adjustable design features, allowing you to maintain or sculpt any type of shrubbery without having to worry about limits when it comes to large projects or awkward hedges shapes.

The powerful motor ensures consistent performance every time while also making sure that no job is too large or small for the Husqvarna 966 53 24 02 Hedge Trimmer–it will outperform almost any other model in its price range!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does this hedge trimmer have an electric power source?
A1: Yes! An optional electric power source is available as an accessory with this model so you won’t have to limit yourself when it comes time for outdoor maintenance projects..