Husqvarna 967 05 58 01 String Trimmer

1. The Husqvarna 967-05-58-01 String Trimmer is designed to make outdoor tasks easier and faster.

2. Equipped with high torque trimmer engine, the Husqvarna 967-05-58-01 String Trimmer provides effortless trimming performance .

3. With its reliable design, gearbox adjustment wheel that allows for easy tensioning of cutting string and high capacity 0.095″ dual line spool.

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Husqvarna-967-05-58-01 String Trimmer – Get Ready to Take on Yard Work!

Are you looking for the perfect tool to make tackling tough yard work a breeze? Look no further than the Husqvarna 967-05-58-01 string trimmer. This dynamic tool is both powerful and easy to use, making it the ideal choice for yard work aficionados of all levels.

Features of The Husqvarna 967-05-58-01 String Trimmer

The Husqvarna 967-05-58-01 string trimmer is well equipped with features designed to make your yard work a breeze. With its adjustable handle and auto feed trimmer line technology, you get more control over your cutting tasks than ever before.

And when you’re finished, the semi Automatic Stop Switch puts an end to wasted time and energy trying to find the off switch. Here are just some of the great features found on this string trimmer:

• Adjustable handle – Easily adapts to fit any person’s height or arm length
• Auto feed trimmer line – Powerful 25cc gas engine pushes out automatically advances when needed
• Semi Automatic Stop Switch – Saves time by instantly turning off engine without having to hunt down button
• Cushioned grip handles for vibration dampening – Allows user more control while giving them a comfortable hold on trimming job

Specifications Of The Husqvarna 967-05-58 01 String Trimmer

Here are the specifications of this powerhouse tool:

• Engine Power : 25 cc Gas Engine
• No Load Speed : 8000 RPM // (rotations per minute)
• Cutting Swath Width : 17 inches // (Path size that a single pass can cover) • Head Type : Bump Feed //(feed mechanism used) • Overall Length : 64 inches // (including handle length) • Safety Features : Throttle Lock, Standard Shield Protection //(Provided by manufacturer)

Additional Information For The Husqvarna 967 05 58 01 String Trimmer

This incredible machine is not only reliable and built with impressive features but comes with all parts necessary for assembly including: extra oil, spark plug wrench, step by step assembly instructions, and even illustrated diagrams explaining how each part functions.

It also includes warranty information so you know that if something goes wrong or breaks down that it will be repaired or replaced quickly and easily. When properly taken care of this unit has been known be used in yards for years without needing repairs so you can rest assured knowing that it was created with quality in mind.

Product FAQ’s About The Husqvarna 967 05 58 01 String Trimmer  

 What type of fuel does this unit run on?                                                                                                    This model runs on unleaded gasoline only.                                                                                                         What type of oil should I use?                                                                                                                         When using unleaded gasoline always choose a high quality two stroke motor oil blend mixture ratio at   a 50:1 ratio between motor oil and gasoline respectively for maximum performance from your device.

  Can I buy replacement parts?    

Yes! If any part breaks or needs replacing you can purchase individual parts sold separately from many retailers online as well as directly from the manufacturer who provides their own supply site link making it convenient and easy for anyone interested in purchasing replacement parts.