Husqvarna 967 34 36 01 String Trimmer

1.The Husqvarna 967343601 String powerful trimmer is designed to deliver reliable performance thanks to its efficient 27cc two-stroke engine and ergonomically designed body for easy maneuverability.
2. The flexible 10” cutting swath speeds up yard work, allowing you to quickly trim large areas, while SavE™ technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions output from the engine.
3. Whether it’s dense weeds or small brush, the adjustable bevel corner trimmer head and included attachments like a ProString line make it easy .

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Husqvarna 967 34 36 01 String Trimmer: The Perfect Gardening Tool

When it comes to garden tools, nothing compares to the Husqvarna 967 34 36 01 String Trimmer. This powerful trimmer is designed for rugged use and provides precision trimming capabilities with a long-lasting battery and superior performance every time. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this trimmer stand out in the gardening world.

Features & Benefits

The Husqvarna 967 34 36 01 comes packed with innovative features that make it an ideal choice for any gardening enthusiast. Among its features and benefits are:

• Rechargeable Battery — Equipped with a long-lasting battery, you’ll be able to get the job done without worrying about hearings cords or replacing batteries over time. We recommend charging it up overnight when not in use for best results.

• Durable Design — This trimmer is designed to last, even in tough conditions like sandy soils and tough vegetation. Its robust construction ensures only the highest quality of work from start to finish while making sure your machine stays protected against corrosion and wear and tear.

• Ergonomic Handle — Enjoy comfortable ergonomics while using this trimmer thanks to its contoured handle design and soft grip materials that fit in your hands like a glove. Whether you’re holding tight or taking it easy, using this trimmer is always comfortable & easy on you physically as well!

• Power Heads — With the ability to adjust whether you need more power or less, this trimmer offers three different cutting heads perfect for whatever job you need taken care of; it also comes equipped with a standard head so no matter what type of vegetation or soil you’re dealing with, there’s sure to be something for everyone!


The Husqvarna 967343601 is decked out with some serious specs that make it one of the most efficient string trimmers on the market today:

• Motor Power: 29 cc 2-Cycle engine – offering four times higher torque than electric string trimmers.
• Cutting Width: 17 inches – giving you plenty of room to tackle large jobs quickly & easily.
• Speed Settings: adjustable tension control – so that no job is too big or small!

Additional Info/FAQs

Q: What type of fuel should I use?
A: The recommended fuel mix would be 40 parts gasoline (with oil) mixed into 1 part two-stroke carburetor oil mix (2%). We suggest using 91 octane premium non-ethanol gasoline as well as Husqvarna brand 50:1 pre-mixed fuel with our engines because they both contain extra detergents which help keep engines running strong & clean!

Q: How do I adjust the cutting width?
A: On either side of your string trimmer head there will be adjustable tabs which can be moved back & forth along a sliding scale depending on how wide (or narrow) you wish your cut path to be – all the way up to 17 inches wide if desired!

Q: What kind of warranty does this product come with?
A : The Husqvarna 967 343601 carries an impressive 5 year limited warranty on parts & labor – something rare among other string trimmers available today! So rest assured knowing that should anything happen, we have one covered!


The Husqvarna 967 34 36 01 String Trimmer packs all sorts of amazing features and specs into an incredibly reliable tool aimed at getting every gardening job done right!

Our durable design will withstand any outdoor condition – from sandy soil to thick brush; while our ergonomic handle has been designed specifically for comfort after extended use.

And if that weren’t enough already – we can also boast zero emissions & superior efficiency compared to other brands out there today – making us confident in our product being able produce top notch results without sacrificing performance!