Husqvarna 967 67 07 01 String Trimmer

1. Husqvarna 967670701 string trimmer powered by a 28 cc, 2-cycle engine it delivers superior performance with easier starts and less vibration .

2. This string trimmer features an adjustable rear handle that helps you comfortably use .

3. Make edges quicker and smoother with this trimmer’s Tap ‘N Go head design which ensures superior quality trimming as well as hassle free trimming process.

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Husqvarna 967 67 07 01 String Trimmer

Make your garden work easier with a powerful, flexible tool – the Husqvarna 967 67 07 01 String Trimmer! With a powerful 27cc engine and easy-to-operate controls, this trimmer will help you quickly tidy up unwanted grass and weeds in no time.

Its quick-starting system will let you get to work right away with less hassle: just press the button once and you’re good to go. Plus, its 5-step vibra reduction system minimizes strain on your arms during longer jobs.

Cut more efficiently thanks to the robust line feed spool that keeps the line long enough to cover larger areas without any snags; simply tap the spool on the ground for more string when needed.

Features & Specs:

• Powered by 27cc 2-stroke engine
• Easy starter with single press starting
• Anti-vibro system with 5 steps for less strain on arms
• Cutting swath of 17″ for faster coverage
• Odd shaped ergonomic handle for better balance and grip
• Smart Start® technology ensures easy starting every time

Additional Info:

The Husqvarna 967 67 07 01 String Trimmer is designed to make trimming or cutting grass and weeds a breeze. Its lightweight body allows even beginners to easily lift and maneuver it without effort. The five-step anti-vibration system helps reduce arm fatigue even during long tasks.

An odd shape ergonomic handle adds increased stability when using this trimmer while still allowing control of both operating screws from either shoulder or hip positions. Plus, thanks to an innovative line feed spool that feeds out more string as needed, you can save time and cut more efficiently in one go!

Product FAQ:

Q) What size is the Cut Swath?
A) The Cut Swath is 17″. This allows for wider coverage of grass clipping in one pass so you don’t have to stop as often.
Q) Is there vibration reduction?
A) Yes! The anti-vibration system has five different settings which allows personalized compensation of vibrations produced from using the trimmer so that arm fatigue is minimized.
Q) Does this model come with an adjustable handle?
A) Yes, this model comes with an adjustable D handles which allows more flexibility when positioning your hands while operating it.