Husqvarna 967 68 05 01 String Trimmer

1. Husqvarna 967685501 String Trimmer is designed to make trimming your lawn quick and easy. It features a powerful engine and convenient handle superior cutting performance.

2. The robust 28 cc 2-cycle engine delivers outstanding cutting power, allowing you to effortlessly cut . 3.This trimmer also includes a 15″ cutting width, so you can quickly finish large jobs without having to go over it multiple times.

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Husqvarna 967 68 05 01 String Trimmer

Making the yard look nice and clean is easier with the Husqvarna 967 68 05 01 String Trimmer. It is a lightweight trimmer that offers improved accuracy, power and convenience when trimming around shrubs, trees, or other garden features. This string trimmer is perfect for precise cutting to ensure an even look on your lawn or garden.

Product Description

The Husqvarna 967 68 05 01 String Trimmer is a powerful and efficient tool for lawn care. With its adjustable handle, this trimmer can be easily maneuvered over tight or hard-to-reach areas. Its 4-stage cutting system with innovative Tap ‘N Go™ technology will provide you with superior results in less time compared to standard string trimmers.

The 55 cc engine has a long life and produces a strong, reliable output of air that’ll give any job an edge! The unique design of this machine also allows it to tackle heavier vegetation tasks with ease. With its included shoulder strap, it’s comfortably transportable wherever you go!

Product Features

• 55 cc 2-cycle engine
• 4-stage Tap ‘N Go™ cutting head
• Adjustable handle allows for precise direction changes
• Easy start system makes starting quick and hassle free
• Long lasting Santoprene® cutterhead reduces vibrations for comfortable operation
• Shoulder strap makes carrying easy and comfortable

Product Specifications

Engine Displacement: 55 cc

Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Bar Length: 17” (43 cm)

Cutter Head Speed: 6500 RPM

Cutting Head Swath: 19” (48 cm)

Fuel Capacity: 0.32 gal (1.2 L)

Gasoline/Oil Mixture Ratio: 50/1 (20ml oil per 1 liter gasoline)

Fuel Type: Regular unleaded gasoline only 86 octane minimum PPM rating 8086 max9991 minimum RVP VOC 10 max 15 psi(108kPa) no ethanol fuel recommended

Additional Info

Product FAQs Q: Is the Husqvarna 967 68 05 01 String Trimmer easy to use?

A: Yes! This trimmer provides improved accuracy, power and convenience when trimming around shrubs, trees or other garden features due to its adjustable handle for precise direction changes as well as its long lasting Santoprene® cutterhead reducing vibrations while you work for a comfortable operation every time.

Q: Does it require special maintenance?

A: No special maintenance required beyond regular cleaning of ventilation grills after each use in order to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the engine preventing it causing damage or decreased performance over time due to excess dirt buildup