Makita Ex2650Lh String Trimmer

1.Makita’s EX2650LH String Trimmer create beautifully neat edges with this powerful and efficient trimmer, featuring two-step noise reduction for quieter operation when in use.

2. The high torque motor provides superior line feed performance .

3. The quick release cutting head makes adjusting the trimming disc easy, while its 4-stroke engine eliminates the need for mixing fuel and oil – making refuelling fast and simple!

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Makita-Ex2650Lh String Trimmer – the ultimate tool for lawn care!

Are you looking for an effective and easy to use string trimmer? Then look no further, because the Makita Ex2650LH String Trimmer is just what you need. This lightweight trimmer has a powerful 25.4 cc engine that can powerfully cut through even thick vegetation with ease so you can keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

With its ergonomic design, adjustable cutting width and anti-vibration system, this tool ensures comfort when in use so it can be used even over extended periods of time or jobs requiring prolonged usage.

Product Description:

The Makita Ex2650LH String Trimmer is a powerful yet lightweight trimming tool designed to help make lawn care easier and faster. Powered by a 25.4cc engine, it provides reliable power performance that can easily handle trimming tasks such as tall grass and heavier weeds.

With its adjustable cutting width feature, users can choose between three different width settings to best match their needs or terrain size, ranging from 10” up to 12” for bigger yards or areas with more developed vegetation.

The anti-vibration system helps reduce stress on hands after long usage which makes this perfect for larger or more physically challenging tasks as users get much needed relief during each session in order to stay productive throughout the day.

Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling when working with this trimmer and full control over accuracy while operating it making garden maintenance simpler and quicker than ever before!

Features & Specs:

• Engine: 25.4 cc engine maximum output – 0.65 hp • Cutting width: Adjustable from 10” to 12” • Ergonomic design – helps reduce fatigue when in use • Anti-vibration system – reduces stress on hands • Handle type: Loop handle type for greater user comfort

Additional Info:

The professional grade grass cutter includes miter function where the head tilts up to 90 degrees for vertical edging along paths or walls as well as convenient trimming along fences, under shrubs, etc., making garden maintenance simpler than ever before! It also comes with a convenient clog prevention mechanism that automatically clears out cuttings from around the blades ensuring continuous results without any hitches!

Product FAQs:

Q1. What is the fuel capacity of this string trimmer?
A1. The fuel capacity of this string trimmer is 17 ounces (500ml).

Q2 What are some safety tips when using this trimmer?

A2 .Always wear protective equipment such as safety glasses or goggles when operating the machine and never start the machine until all accessories are correctly installed and attached properly at all times.*

Be sure not maintain your speed throughout vegetation growth* To avoid kickback always ensure blade guard is properly positioned upon start up.* Ensure maxim working distance from other person/animals