Makita Xux01M5Pt String Trimmer

1.Makita XUX01M5PT string trimmer featuring a powerful four-cycle, 25-cc engine, this tool delivers up to 6,500 RPM and is ideal for precise trimming, edging and clearing tall grass.
2. An adjustable loop handle and shoulder harness provide comfortable operation.
3. With a cutting width of 12 inches and an aluminum tube design for durability, this trimmer can cut through thick vegetation quickly and easily.

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Makita Xux01M5Pt String Trimmer– Take Your Yard TO the Next Level

Are you ready to take your yard to the next level? The Makita Xux01M5Pt String Trimmer is designed to revolutionize grass trimming and edging with its power and precision. Delivering an impressive 1,920 Watt of power, this string trimmer is ideal for professionals and homeowners alike. Whether you’re looking for a regular trim or fine detailing work, the Xux01M5Pt will make it easy.

Features & Specs:

• 1,920 watt motor for amazing torque and speed- no matter what kind of trim job you’re doing, the Makita Xux01M5Pt will have plenty of power to get things done quickly and easily.
• Cordless operation makes it easier to use in tight spaces- with up to 21 minutes of runtime when using two 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries(not included).

• Cutting swath: 17” wide- perfect for tackling larger areas or focusing on more precise edges thanks to an adjustable head that allows for a variety of cutting angles.
• Automatic line feed system with two lines ensures uninterrupted working performance – no jamming or manual line feeding!

• Features a three-speed switch control giving you total control over wind speed and number of cut strings – whether you need powerful force or just a light touch.
• Ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable use – greater comfort leads to better efficiency while performing long jobs.

• Shoulder strap included- allowing users maximum maneuverability while navigating around obstacles in their yard. Plus its lightweight design makes carrying it around easier than ever before so you can tract your work without extra strain on your body

Additional Info:

The Makita Xux01M5Pt String Trimmer was made with convenience in mind from controlling the operating speed as well as the battery technology used (2 x 5 Ah Batteries sold separately). Its advanced features like FlexHead flexibility make it easy for operators adjust cutting angles using multi-position swivel feature (21° + 8°) allowing users easy access even in difficult spots such as corners and near hedges and fences etc.

This electric string trimmer has been designed taking special attention on operator safety; hence, there is no exhaust emissions into the atmosphere saving a lot of resources when compared with gas counterparts coupled with reduced noise output due to its soft start design so user can feel relaxed while trimming grass in backyard & other places like school grounds & church premises etc.

In addition to that Makita offers 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on its products which promises more comfort & satisfaction when buying any product from them knowing they stand behind their products if serviced properly according to instructions given by manufacturer about use & handling guidelines instructions documents provided before purchase or available online at official site.

Thus making it easier should consumer need assistance during their warranty period further extending their product life cycles each year guaranteed by brand name integrity backed up by actual results seen in large number Lawn care industry applications especially residential markets were multiple varieties products are used each day returning great value back end owners garden trimming projects .

Product FAQs:

1) How long does one battery last?

The dual 5Ah batteries generally have about 21 minutes of run time per charge when used together. When one battery is being used alone, run time may be reduced up to half either way, depending on your settings and usage intensity.

2) Can I just buy one battery?

Yes, if you already own another compatible 5Ah battery then only getting one would be wise but if not then we recommend buying both batteries together as they are meant to be uses simultaneously for optimal performance result .

3) Is this trimmer suitable for professional use?

Yes, the Makita Xux01M5Pt string trimmer is actually aimed at professional usage so expect high levels of performance all throughout regardless how demanding tasks needs fulfilled day after day emerging victorious every single time regardless weather conditions also always adding value money paid

particularly across commercial markets where cost savings measurements applied each step way optimizing overall efficiency performance metrics analyzing data collected through end user requirement surveys revealing most prioritized problems solved top down respectively .