Milwaukee 2726 20 Hedge Trimmer

1. This 20 volt trimmer features an impressive 11000 RPM motor that efficiently blasts away unwanted branches for quick, easy maintenance.

2. The lightweight design makes the trimmer easy to handle and maneuver.

3. Equipped with a 6” bar and powered by an 18 TPI steel blade, this hedge trimmer delivers fast and precise cuts at every angle for maximum cutting control with minimum effort required from you.

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The Milwaukee-2726-20 Hedge Trimmer

It is a revolutionary electric garden tool designed to make trimming and pruning your hedges quick, easy and hassle-free. This cordless trimmer features a durable metal blade that can quickly cut through branches up to ¾ inch thick with precision accuracy.

The ergonomic handle helps you maintain a firm grip on the trimmer at all times, while the adjustable head angle lets you customize the blade to best suit your trimming needs. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport from one area of the yard to another. If you’re looking for a powerful hedge trimmer that can help you get the job done in less time, try out this Milwaukee-2726-20 Hedge Trimmer!

Features & Specs:

• Durable metal blade – Cuts through branches up to ¾ inch thick with ease and precision accuracy.
• Ergonomic handle – Enjoy complete control over the trimmer at all times while protecting your hands from fatigue.
• Adjustable head angle – Customize your trimming session by angling the head of the blade as needed.
• Lightweight design – Easily transport this hedge trimmer from one location to another without tiring yourself out in the process.
• Electric powered – Get reliable power without having to worry about running out of gas or refilling fuel tanks.
• No vibration technology – Finish trimming jobs faster by eliminating unnecessary vibration that can slow down productivity.

Additional Info:

Take your garden maintenance up a notch with this top-of-the line hedge trimmer from Milwaukee! Whether you’re evenly cutting along straight edges or tackling awkward corners, its adjustable head angle allows for maximum maneuverability so that perfect cuts are always within reach.

And because it runs on electricity instead of gas, there’s no need to waste time filling fuel tanks or dealing with cords getting tangled during use—just switch it on and start cutting away those overgrown branches and hedges right away! Get better results fast using this innovative hedge trimmer today!

Product FAQs:

Q1: Is this hedge trimmer electrical or gas powered?
A1: This model of hedge trimmer runs off electrical power only—no gasoline necessary!
Q2: What is the cutting capacity of this model?
A2: The Milwaukee 2726-20 Hedge Trimmer can successfully cut through branches up to 3/4 inch thick each time it’s used!
Q3: Can I adjust this tool as needed when trimming my shrubs?
A3: Yes! The adjustable head angle makes customizing your projects easier than ever before!