Milwaukee 2825 21St String Trimmer

1. The Milwaukee 2825-21ST string trimmer powered by a high-torque motor, this tough trimmer features an all-metal gear case for exceptional durability and long life.

2. Delivering superior performance, the dual line cutting head features.

3. A 12″ adjustable auxiliary handle and comfort over-moulded grips provide comfortable use in any position. With its lightweight design, the trimmer is easy to transport .

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Milwaukee 2825-21ST String Trimmer: Your Total Yard Solution

Do you need a tool to quickly and efficiently tackle your yard? The Milwaukee 2825-21ST string trimmer is perfect for light to medium workloads with its efficient, durable, and quiet motor. It’s able to tackle the toughest weeds, grasses, brush, and even trim hedges. With it, you can now easily take care of your whole yard in no time!

Product Description

The Milwaukee 2825-21ST string trimmer is powered by an efficient 254cc engine that provides superior torque while running quietly. This means that you won’t have to worry about disturbing the peace with loud noise or toxic fumes while still getting superior performance and reliability from this machine.

Its 0.105” diameter line lets you easily tackle any type of weed or grass present in your lawn while its patented see-through shield ensures that debris can be kept away from your eyes and face. Ergonomically designed controls provide superior comfort while handling the trimmer, making it easier for users of all sizes and abilities to use it for extended periods without straining themselves.


• Efficient 254cc motor ensures smooth operation with minimal vibration
• Powerful yet quiet design reduces noise pollution during operation
• Patented see-through shield for maximum debris protection during trimming
• Adjustable D handle makes it easy and comfortable for different sized users to use the machine effectively
• Dual trigger modelling ensures maximum ease in control of the cutting head speed and power output

• Weight: 13 lbs (5 kg)
• Cutting path diameter: 20” (51 cm)
• Line feed type: Bump feeding system with single 0 .105” (2 .7 mm) line included

Additional Info

This Milwaukee 2825-21ST string trimmer is ideal for light to medium yard work purposes thanks to its highly powerful yet relatively quieter operation compared to other machines in its class. It also comes with a three year consumer/commercial warranty guaranteeing long term peace of mind when used according to operating instructions handed out by the manufacturer itself.

This package also includes two extra 0.105” line spools specially designed for use with this machine model only, a bottlecap hook wrench tool set as well as a comprehensive user manual which would enable you to make full use of all available features fully right out of the box

Product FAQ

Q1 – Does this string trimmer come prepped up ready to use?
A1 – Yes! This Milwaukee 2825-21ST string trimmer comes complete all necessary components from the box such as extra line spools and tools needed even without prior assembly or setup required by user manually apart from those instructed within user manual itself before it being ready for operation purposes initially