Oregon 551275 Hedge Trimmer

1) The Oregon 551275 Hedge Trimmer is ideal for trimming any size shrubbery or hedge with its 6 amp/60 watt motor. The ergonomic handle and lightweight design make it easy to use.

2) This trimmer has a reversed rotation motor which eliminates kickback, so your job is safer and faster.

3) Other features include a wrapped front handle and back paddle switch for added comfort.

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Oregon 551275 Hedge Trimmer

Are you tired of manual hedge trimmers that can’t get the job done? Invest in a cutting-edge hedge trimmer from Oregon that can take your garden maintenance to another level. Featuring powerful blades and an ergonomic handle, the Oregon 551275 hedge trimmer is designed for optimum efficiency and convenience.

Product Description

The Oregon 551275 hedge trimmer is designed to make every gardening project easier. With its 22-inch blades, this heavy-duty electric hedge trimmer provides precision trimming on even the toughest terrain. The trimmer’s long reach ensures you don’t have to stretch or strain while using it, reducing fatigue and easing stress on your arms and shoulders.

Its unique design eliminates blade binding, ensuring that even when dealing with dense foliage, the blades deliver a smooth cut without stalling. The ergonomic rubberized handle fits comfortably in your hand for better control while working away from power outlets makes gardening easier than ever before.

Features & Specs

•Powerful 0.55 horsepower motor
•22-inch long saw blades for precise trimming
•Metal pivoting head for improved leverage during use
•Ergonomic rubberized handle with 4-position switch for easy operation
•Cutting speed up to 2100 spm max
•Tough aluminum drive shaft provides extra durability
•Lightweight at only 11 lbs and suitable for both vertical and horizontal trimming jobs

Additional Info & Product FAQs

Q: How are Oregon products powered?
A: The Oregon 551275 Hedge Trimmer runs on electricity generated by a 0.55 horsepower motors which runs off any standard household outlet up to 110V AC/60 Hz power supply.

Q: Are there any safety features built into the Oregon products?

A: Yes! Safety features include an insulated front grip shield to protect your hands from shock as well as a see-thru shield guard to help protect people from possible splinters or flying debris if using outside etc . It also has double insulated wiring with overload protection plus grounded plugsare also included as extra safety feature making it safe to use indoors too!

Q: What kind of maintenance does an Oregon product require?

A: To ensure maximum performance, always check screws/bolts before use and be sure they are properly tightened, lubricating regularly will prolong motor life but not necessary if used just periodically (up to 10 hours a month).

It’s best practiceto clean blade after each useand attach blade guard when not in use. Use only genuine OEM parts if any repairs needed down road so as not maintain highest quality product standards expected from us!