Oregon 585212 Hedge Trimmer

1. This powerful 24cc two-cycle engine provides superior performance, durability and reliability.

2. For worry-free operation, the Oregon 585212 Hedge Trimmer has advanced features like primer bulb technology, dual bump lines feed for extra power.

3. The Oregon 585212 Hedge Trimmer is designed with strong connections between parts to ensure smoother operation over time .

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Oregon 585212 Hedge Trimmer

Nothing beats a freshly trimmed hedge! The Oregon 585212 electric hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for those that want precision and accuracy in their trimming job. Its superior power and sharp blades make it easy to cut quickly and cleanly through thick branches, making your yard look beautiful and neat in no time. Get ready for compliments galore when you use this awesome trimmer!

Product Features

• Powerful 650 W motor
• Easy-to-use twist grip handle
• Ergonomic design to reduce strain
• Double hook safety switch reduces accidental start up
• Laser cut diamond ground blades for precision cutting
• Includes 4m power cord for maximum reach

Product Specification

• Weight- 10.5lbs (4.76 kg)
• Motor -650W motor

Additional Details & Benefits

The Oregon 585212 electric hedge trimmer is one of the best on the market. Its powerful 650W motor easily cuts through even the toughest branches, while its ergonomic design reduces strain on your body. The double hook safety switch makes sure you don’t accidentally start the machine before you’re ready, while laser cut diamond ground blades ensure precision every time.

Plus, its extra long 4m power cord gives you maximum reach so you can work from any angle – great for those hard-to-reach areas!

Product FAQs:

Q: How well does the Oregon 585212 electric hedge trimmer handle thicker branches?
A: The powerful 650W motor makes it easy to cut through even thick branches. You’ll have no problem getting your shrubs looking neat and tidy with this amazing tool!