Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer

1. The Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer is a powerful and versatile gardening tool for keeping your garden looking neat and tidy all season long.

2. The 4-stroke petrol engine is incredibly powerful, providing plenty of torque to easily cut through hedge branches .

3. Its durable design ensures that it can withstand the toughest conditions.

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Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer – Outsmart Your Yardwork!

Do you find working on your lawn and yard a tedious task? Redback’s 106489 Hedge Trimmer is here to make those hard jobs easier and faster. This hedge trimmer will be your reliable partner for give your yard or garden the perfect look in no time. Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer is designed to provide the most powerful cutting performance with maximum user comfort and safety in mind.

Product Specifications:

• 18″ Dual Action Laser-cut Blades: The dual action laser-cut blades provide an optimized cutting path, reducing effort while providing superior cutting performance with a powerful motor.

• Angled Cutting Head: This angled cutting head provides improved visibility of trim line and allows the user to trim at difficult angles without ever having to leave their feet behind the trimmer.

• Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle: The ergonomic soft grip handle reduces shake or vibration, while providing greater control throughout the cut.

• Anti-Vibration System: Our anti-vibration system uses special dampers within the unit to reduce vibration and fatigue during longer jobs, giving you more control over the job.

• Automatic Chain Tensioner & Tool-Free Oil Change: A spring loaded automatic chain tensioner keeps the chain tight while allowing for easy adjustment, and our tool-free oil change system allows for quick oil changes along with clean up afterward.

Additional Information & Features

The Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer isn’t just about power – it includes features that will help make your job easier as well. An automatic lock off feature ensures that once started, you can set it down without having to worry about it continuing to run or accidentally switching on again when picked up later – eliminating embarrassing (or dangerous) situations caused by mistakenly leaving engines running unattended!

Additionally, an OVERLOAD PROTECTION function shuts off power if it senses too much pressure – protecting both you and your machine from potential harm if something unexpected happens while working. Plus, with our 3 year warranty included you can trust this trimmer will keep performing great season after season.

FAQs About Redback 106489 Hedge Trimmer

Q1: What type of fuel does this hedge trimmer use?
A1: This machine operates using a standard 2 cycle engine oil/ gasoline mixture of 40 parts fuel to 1 part oil ratio only (40:1).

Q2: How do I adjust chain tension?
A2: An adjustable tensioning nut is located on top of the bar cover where adjustment can be made using the supplied key tool only when necessary (typically never). Make sure not to over tighten as it may cause strain on internal components which could lead to premature failure of bearing or other damages leading voiding warranty in certain cases under served conditions.