Shindaiwa T3000 String Trimmer

1. The Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer is a powerhouse when it comes to clearing stubborn grass and weeds.

2. With its innovative high-speed gear box, the T3000 provides superior power and performance .

3.This tough trimmer is also easy to use with its ergonomic controls, adjustable speed handle and Softstart design .

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Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer: High Performance and Versatility Under One Roof

Getting a power-packed outdoor trimmer that suits your needs is now more convenient than ever, thanks to the launch of the Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer. This revolutionary machine comes packed with high performance features, allowing you to stay productive yet enjoy the outdoors with ease. With a host of safety features and an ergonomic design, this trimmer is built for comfort and convenience.

High Performance Features

This 25cc engine trimmer includes a powerful two-stroke engine that delivers general purpose versatility and maximum performance. The tempered steel blade cuts quickly and efficiently through tough materials while the strong rubber shoulder guard provides superior protection for your arms from debris during operation.

Other useful features include a self adjust air intake system which helps reduce emissions at lower rpm’s, as well as a quick start option that allows you to start the machine virtually on one pull.

Ergonomic Design

The Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer offers exceptional comfort no matter how long you use it. The rubber handles are designed to reduce stress on your wrists by offering additional grip during operation, allowing you to control the movement of the handle without compromising accuracy or safety.

The wide tread head provides maximum stability when cutting on uneven terrain; giving you more confidence in tackling difficult tasks with greater productivity and precision.

The light weight of just 10 pounds also makes this trimmer easier to carry without adding unnecessary strain on your hands or arms.

Product Specs:

• Engine Type: 25cc Two stroke gasoline powered engine
• Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)
• Handle Material: Rubberized foam grips
• Blade Length: 16” x 0.095”x 063” hardened steel cutting blade

Additional Info & Benefits

The Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer comes with all the necessary safety features ensuring your work is both safe and enjoyable experience each time you use it.

The spring assisted adjustable front handle ensures you have full control over precise movements needed while trimming thick undergrowth around gardens and other landscaping areas using minimal effort from yourself supplying unbeatable value for money when compared to other trimmers in its range class.

Product FAQs

1)What type of fuel does this string trimmer use?

Answer : The Shindaiwa-T3000 String Trimmer runs on unleaded gasoline mixed with oil at a ratio of 50 – 1 respectively.

2)How do I adjust the air intake?

Answer : You can easily adjust the air intake by turning the knob located underneath the carburetor in order to optimize engine performance at low speeds resulting in reduced fuel consumption due to improved combustion efficiency as well as minimizing any potential emissions produced during operation .