Shindaiwa T3000W

1) The Shindaiwa-T3000W is designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency to get lawns and gardens looking their best.

2) Equipped with a 20” cutting swath and a 17cc two-stroke engine, the T3000W is able to easily trim through tough weeds & grasses.

3) With extra long curved shafts that measure 3ft 9 inches, users have better reach than traditional trimmers while minimizing back strain.

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Shindaiwa-T3000W Line Trimmer

Ready for any job you take on, the Shindaiwa T3000W line trimmer is designed to easily cut through even the toughest grass and weeds. It comes equipped with a powerful 2-cycle engine that provides reliable power with every use, and its easy-to-use control panel makes operation a breeze.

This trimmer is lightweight and durable enough to handle any terrain without skipping a beat, so you can stay productive in even the toughest conditions. Whether you’re trimming grass around your home or professionally taking care of lawns for a living, the Shindaiwa T3000W line trimmer will make it easier to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Powerful Performance

This line trimmer packs 8 hp of power — more than enough for tough jobs such as brush cutting or professionally cutting lawns over large areas. What’s more, its professional quality parts are built to last with no maintenance required thanks to its dual bearing shaft support system. This ensures that your machine will continue running strong year after year, ensuring your lawn stays looking perfect all throughout the season.

Easy Operation

The Shindaiwa T3000W line trimmer is designed for maximum ease of use with an intuitive control panel layout that puts all essential controls at your fingertips while keeping them out of harm’s way. Its ergonomic handle makes maneuvering this machine effortless while also reducing user fatigue so you can keep going without a break from start till finish.

Plus, thanks to its lightweight design it is easy to push around or carry up hills and inclines when needed without worrying about wear on your body either!

User Comfort

This trimmer was designed with user comfort in mind too which shows in its features like whisper quiet exhaust muffler which reduces sound output significantly – meaning less noise pollution in the area around your working space!

It also comes with an adjustable handlebar and vibration reduction systems so you can work continuously without worries about strain on your body from constant shaking at higher speeds!

The double shoulder harness allows users have better balance while operating the trimmer making it easier to control too which is great when tackling rough patches of land out there!

Additional Features

The Shindaiwa T3000W line trimmer comes packed full of features that make it an excellent choice for professionals looking for dependable performance as well as occasional home users who just want something efficient – like a net weight reduced by nearly 20% compared previous models making this line trimmers one of Shindaiwa’s lightest yet!

It also offers amazing speed control over variable speed ranges; enhanced automatic choke system; adjustable clutch lever compression step; large starting knob enables “3 kicks start” method; electronic fuel injection helps reduce emissions by up to 50% when compared against carbureted engines too – showing why these trusted machines do not skimp on performance!


Q1: Is the Shindaiwa T3000W Line Trimmer suitable for residential use?
A1: Yes – this versatile machine is suitable both for serious professional landscapers as well as occasional home users looking for something efficient and comfortable.

They will both find accurate performance thanks to all features such as variable speed range available in this model; electronic fuel injection & large starting knob which allows “3 kicks start” method etc really helpful too when using indoors/residentially or tackling tough patches outside!