Snapper 1687875 String Trimmer

1. Enjoy trimming around trees, flower beds and more with the Snapper-1687875 String Trimmer.

2. Get a precision cut every time with its 4-cycle engine, 2-year limited warranty and 6 adjustable cutting positions.

3. Conveniently tackle all your outdoor projects easily with the ergonomic handle that offers comfort and control while you operate this.

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Snapper 1687875 String Trimmer – Get The Job Done Right

If you’re looking for a reliable string trimmer to tackle tough weeds, overgrown patches, and general grounds maintenance then the Snapper 1687875 String Trimmer is all you need. With durable construction and modern design, this trimmer will make yard work a breeze!

Product Features

• Durable construction: With its professional-grade construction, this trimmer offers maximum durability for even the toughest jobs. Plus, its easy-to-start engine lasts longer than other models.
• Lightweight design: Weighing just 7.5 pounds, the Snapper 1687875 is one of the most lightweight string trimmers on the market — so you can get through your yard work with less strain on your body!
• Ergonomic handle: The comfortable handle ensures that you can work without straining your arms or back while keeping control of the trimmer throughout any job.
• Professional installation available: If needed, we can send out an installer to come to your house and get your new string trimmer set up in no time!

Product Specs

• Trimmer Type: Electric Powered; Corded
• Power Source: 8 Amp Electric Motor
• Cutting Width: 15 inches
• Line Diameter; 0.080 inch Double Polymer Cord Line

Additional Info & FAQ’s

Q: How long will this string trimmer last?
A: With proper care and perfect use cases, the Snapper 1687875 String Trimmer is designed to last multiple seasons without compromising performance or efficiency. It should offer years of reliable service for all of your landscaping needs!

Q: Is it suitable for commercial use?
A: Yes! This string trimmer is rated for commercial use due its high levels of performance and power efficiency. It’s one of our top selling models due to its dependability and robustness in challenging environments.