Southland Swft15022 String Trimmer

1.Featuring a powerful 2-cycle, 27cc engine, this trimmer is perfect for tackling even the toughest of weeds and grass.

2. Enjoy comfortable, ergonomic handling thanks to its adjustable cutting swath up to 17 inches .

3. Keep your trimmer in top condition with its convenient included tool storage options .

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Southland-Swft15022-String Trimmer

Ready, Set, Cut!
Get out in your garden and easily tackle those tough overgrown areas with Southland’s Swft15022 string trimmer. This easy to use spool-and-go string trimmer is reliable, efficient and ready for any trimming job. Plus, it’s packed with features that make cleaning your garden a breeze.

Product Features

• Lightweight 24V Cordless String Trimmer – Southland’s Swft15022 string trimmer is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making tackling large jobs fast and simple. With a 24V battery for extended use and no cord to get caught up in plants or fences.

• Easy to Reel – Featuring an ergonomic design for easy reel change and a push button spool release system for added convenience during operation. The swivel head adjusts from 0° – 110° to help you cut in hard-to-reach spots like under bushes or along fence lines.

• Trigger Lock – Designed with safety in mind, the trigger lock keeps you safe by preventing accidental starts should the machine be dropped or bumped during operation. The included carrying strap helps reduce strain on your muscles while carrying the machine around the yard.

• Electrical Brake System – Designed with an electrical brake system that stops the motor within seconds when it is released ensuring increased safety when using this machine.

• Warranty – Covered by 3 year limited warranty so you can rest assured that your purchase will be covered if anything goes wrong within the first three years of ownership.

Product Specifications:

• Motor: 22cc 2 stroke engine, air cooled cylinder head technology • Battery: 24V NiMH battery (30 minute run time) • Cutting Width: 10” • Weight: 8 lbs • Fuel Mixture Ratio: 40:1 • Maximum Torque power output (in lbs/ft): 10 lbs/ft • Spark Plug Type: RN142HC • Cutter Head Diameter / Line Size: .08 inches • Reverse Throttle Control System Yes • Start Assistant Pump & Recoil Starter Lever System Yes • Variable Swivel Head DiscYes

Additional Information & FAQs

Q1) What type of cutting capacity does the Southland Swift 15022 have?
A1) The Southland Swfit 15022 has a cutting width of 10 inches and can accommodate up to .08 inch line size when trimming weeds or grass around your garden area.

Q2) Is there any built-in safety measures with this trimmer?
A2) Yes! This trimmer has several built-in safety measures such as a trigger lock which prevents it from being started accidentally should it drop or be bumped during operation; as well as an electric brake system that automatically stops the motor within seconds after release providing optimal user safety while in use.