Swisher Stp4422Ho String Trimmer

1. Swisher STP4422HO String Trimmer offers up to 6 HP and reliable 17-inch cutting swath for easy maneuvering and quick, thorough results.
2. The STP4422HO’s dual line bump head makes replacing or reloading trimmer line easy, so you don’t waste time switching out lines.
3. Conveniently adjust operation speed to match task conditions and maximize efficiency while easily switch between trimming modes when necessary.

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Swisher-STP4422HO-String-Trimmer Parts: Ecommerce Product Description

Say goodbye to those long, tedious hours in the backyard trimming and edging with traditional trimmers. Swisher’s STP4422HO String Trimmer Parts are here to revolutionize your outdoor work and make the job easy as ever. Here’s what makes them stand out from the crowd:

• Ergonomically designed – The balanced design of this trimmer provides greater operator comfort for extended use, making sure you don’t get tired too quickly.
• High RPM motor – The 10.5 AMP motor cranks through weeds and grass with ease, allowing you to finish your task in no time!
• Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) – AFS technology helps deliver an effortless trimming experience by automatically adjusting cutting speed as needed and feeding .095 diameter line whenever required.
• Adjustable Handle –The adjustable handle helps you adjust the hand position as per your needs, ensuring a comfortable grip for hours of continuous use.

• Power type Electric (Corded) • Voltage Rating- 110 Volt • User Reviews 4.8/5 Stars • Weight – 9 lbs • Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Additional Info

This reliable trimmer features superior drag reduction system that offers better balance and acceleration control which results in improved durability and reliability on any terrain or surface! Swisher ensures all their products meet the highest quality standards. This trimmer is proudly made in America under strict quality control guidelines to offer you ultimate performance!

Product FAQs

Q1: What is the operating voltage range of this trimmer?

A1: ThisSTP4422HOString TrimmerPartsoperates at110 Volts only

.Q2: Does it work well on wet grass?

A2: Yes, this trimmer is suitablefor wet grass conditions as well!