Toro 51481 String Trimmer

#1 The Toro 51481 String Trimmer is the perfect choice for landscaping professionals and homeowners alike.

#2 With its lightweight frame and ergonomic handle, this trimmer quickly becomes an essential part of any landscaping project.

#3 Equipped with the patented Speed-Feed® trimmer head.

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Toro 51481 String Trimmer Power Head

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable trimmer head for your yard? Then the Toro 51481 String Trimmer Power Head is the right choice for you! This string trimmer power head has been designed to make trimming and edging around your garden much easier. It’s got a robust construction, strong motor, and easy-to-use handles that make using it effortless. Here’s why this product should be part of your essential lawn care equipment.

Features & Specs

• Electric powered: No need to guess when to refuel or need nasty smoke pollution – no emissions at all from this electric string trimmer.

• Robust construction: A stainless steel cutting head ensures strength and longevity of use while helping you achieve great results with less effort.

• Powerful motor: A three amp motor gives you plenty of power to tackle thick vegetation with ease.

• Easy-to-use handle: Ergonomic soft grip handle makes manuevering the machine comfortable while minimizing stress on your wrists and arms.

• Dual line system: This power head can easily switch between single line and dual line mode if needed, allowing you to quickly adjust how powerful your cuts are when necessary.

• Adjustable speed control: You can alter how fast or slow the spinning rotation is, depending on what type of task you’re working on.

Additional Information & FAQ

Q: How easy is this string trimmer to operate?
A: Very easy! The handle has a soft grip so it fits comfortably in both hands; plus, the adjustable speed dial allows you to tailor the power output accordingly – making using it perfectly designed for any situation needed around your garden.

Q: Is this suitable for larger gardens?
A: Yes; its robust build allows it to take on denser vegetation without struggle thanks to its three amp motor whereas other more tricky edging jobs can be tackled through its dual line functionality feature.

Q: What else do I need in order to use this?
A: In order to use this tool effectively, we would recommend purchasing copper wire as well as wearing appropriate safety gear when handling the machine including protective goggles and work gloves etc