Toro 51491 Hedge Trimmer

1. The Toro 51491 Hedge Trimmer is a powerful and reliable 20V cordless trimmer. This trimmer features a robust 20V motor with variable speed and a double edge blade .

2. Increase efficiency by trimming bushes, hedges, and shrubs nearly two times faster than other similar models.

3. With the Toro 51491 Hedge Trimmer, you’ll get a dependable tool that’s designed to last season after season.

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Toro 51491 Hedge Trimmer – Perfect for Professional Grooming

Keep your hedges and bushes looking neat and tidy with the Toro 51491 hedge trimmer. This professional-quality tool is designed with precision, power, and reliability to get the job done right the first time—every time.


• Power option: choose between a battery or corded electric motor to suit your preferences.
• Cutting blade length: adjustable from 18″ up to 26″ for maximum versatility in use.
• Safety features: hand guard guards against accidental skin contact; lock-off switch prevents unexpected start-ups when not in use.
• Precision performance: laser cut blades deliver precise and consistent trimming while counter rotating blades prevent binding or jamming.


Weight: 10.3lbs (4.7 kg)
• Dimensions: 45”x 9”(114 cm x 23 cm).
• Handle Type: Ergonomic foam anti slip grip for easy handling.

Additional Info

The Toro 51491 comes with an 80V max lithium ion battery and charger that provide up to two hours of run time per charge, giving you greater freedom of movement on larger projects.

The power demand sensor adjusts the speed of the motor depending on user input, allowing optimal performance without wasting energy or running down battery reserves too quickly—even when cutting thicker branches or materials.

The brushless motor reduces noise levels for quiet operation in confined areas such as small backyards or courtyards.

Product FAQs

Q1) Is this a good trimmer for hobbyists?

A1) Yes, ideal for novice or introductory users at home who are just getting started with hedge trimming! Its powerful motor and adjustable blade length make it easy to handle beginners learning how to trim their hedges properly, while being lightweight enough that experienced professionals can take advantage of its convenience too.

However, those looking for a more industrial level tool might want to consider something bigger like a pole saw trimmer instead—the Toro 51491 is great if you’re just starting out in hedge maintenance though!