Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer

1. Get through thick brush with ease with the Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer. The 24-inch, dual-action, hardened steel cutting blades are designed to evenly trim branches .

2. An anti-vibration design along with an ergonomic handle provides greater comfort and stability .

3. This trimmer is lightweight at 10lbs and easy to start meaning you won’t need extra strain causing tools or lawnmowers

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Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer

If you’re looking for an efficient way to shape and tame your hedges and shrubs, the Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer is a great choice. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also lightweight and has super durable blades that are designed to last season after season. Here are some more features of this awesome hedge trimmer from Toro!

Product Description & Features

The Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer features a 21.2 cc two-stroke engine that delivers an impressive amount of power to get through even the thickest branches and hedges. With its large 24-inch cutting bar, you can trim up to one acre of hedge in no time at all.

The special curved blades cut twice as fast as traditional hedge trimmers, thanks to their wider coverage area. They’re also designed with a special bumper guard technology that helps protect your plants from accidental snipping or bruising from the blades.

This impressive machinery also comes with ergonomic handles for extra comfort when using this machine for extended periods of time. The extendable handle lets you comfortably reach those hard to reach places without having to strain or stretch too far. Plus, the handles make it easier to maneuver around tight corners and other awkward angles – perfect for tendering those tricky shrubs!

The unit itself weighs just 13 pounds (without fuel) which makes it incredibly easy to transport around your garden or property without feeling weighed down. It also has a fast-response carburetor which produces optimum power delivery while ensuring fuel efficiency and reduced emissions so that you can enjoy quieter operation than other models on the market today.

Specifications & Additional Info

• Engine: 21.2cc 2-stroke • Cutting Bar: 24” • Weight: 13 lbs (without fuel) • Ergonomic Handles • Extendable Handle • Fast Response Carburetor For Optimal Performance & Fuel Efficiency • Bumper Guard Technology For Plant Protection From Blades • Curved Blades Cut Up To Twice As Fast As Standard Blades
• Quieter Operation Than Other Models On The Market Today

Product FAQ

Q1: How long should I plan on trimming my hedge?

A1: Depending on the size of your hedge, if you’re using the Toro 51491T Hedge Trimmer then plan on about one hour per acre for trimming time – much quicker than other models available on the market today.

Q2: Is this trimmer easy enough for beginners?

A2: Absolutely! Thanks to its lightweight design and ergonomic handles, beginners will find this trimmer very easy to operate and maneuver around tight corners with ease!