Toro 51830T String Trimmer

1. Toro 51830T-String-Trimmer is perfect for achieving a clean, well-maintained look around your house or garden.

2.  Heavy-duty components are built into the trimmer so that you can be confident .

3. Easily adjustable handle helps you maintain an ergonomic posture while working.

4. The Toro 51830T-String Trimmer is the perfect choice for tackling tough tasks in and around your yard with ease.

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Toro 51830T String Trimmer – The Perfect Option For You

Do you need the perfect string trimmer for your lawn? If so, then you’ll definitely want to consider the Toro 51830T. With its powerful engine and comfort-ready design, it’s sure to be an excellent fit for any landscaper or homeowner.

Product Description

The Toro 51830T is a gas-powered commercial string trimmer that offers professional-strength performance in a lightweight package. It features an 18-inch cutting swath and an adjustable head that allows users to reach difficult areas or trim in tight spaces.

The adjustable handle can be positioned to ensure maximum comfort when maneuvering the trimmer through dense plant growth. Plus, the Toro 51830 also includes a shoulder strap and comfortablegrip handles for added convenience and control when using the tool.

Features & Specs

• 18” Cutting Swath – Cuts more grass at once for less time spent on the job site

• 40CC Gas Engine – Powerful 2-cycle engine provides torque and power should you need it

• Adjustable Handle & Head – Easily switch between trimming modes for fast and easy operation

• Adjustable Debris Shield – Protect your eyes from debris as you work with this convenient feature

• Shoulder Strap & Comfort Grip Handles – Make movements smoother and more comfortable with these included ergonomic features

Additional Info

• Warranty Information – A one year limited warranty is provided by Toro against all defects in material or workmanship. Please see the full warranty details at
• Fuel Mix Ratio – Use a 50:1 ratio of gasoline (fresh 89 octane) mixed with oil specifically designed for two stroke engines (JASO FC Grade Oil). See owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to properly mix fuel and oil before operating your engine powered product.

Additional Accessories – You may need additional accessories such as extra line spools depending on how much yard work you plan on doing with your new string trimmer. Visit toro-string-trimmers to find any additional items needed!


Q: Is there a way to adjust the height of the handle of my Toro 51830T?
A: Yes! This model features tool-free adjustment of the handle, so you can set it perfectly while keeping both hands busy with other tasks instead of adjusting knobs or levers manually!

Simply pull back on the adjustment pin at each side, slide to desired angle, release pin securely into place, and tighten knob off accordingly until upright stance is set correctly per user preference! Ready for action in no time flat!