Troy Bilt 41Ad252S766 String Trimmer

1) Tackle tough yard work with ease with Troy Bilt 41Ad252S766 String Trimmer.

2) SpeedSpool™ technology allows you to reload line quickly .

3) Its adjustable handle and lightweight design make it comfortable and easy to use.

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Troy-Bilt 41Ad252S766 String Trimmer

Treat your Lawn to an Upgrade from Troy-Bilt!

Tired of having to break out that clunky old trimmer every weekend? Ready to treat your lawn to some modern convenience? Then the Troy-Bilt 41Ad252S766 String Trimmer is just what you need. This advanced gas-powered string trimmer makes it easier than ever to cut through thick grass or trim around rocks and hard-to-reach areas with ease. Now you can have perfectly manicured lawn quickly and easily with this one simple tool.

Features & Benefits

• Automatically switches between line feed modes for either grass or thicker weeds
• Easy to start, even after extended periods of downtime
• Extra durable handles for comfortable use over longer periods of time
• Conveniently lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces and along tricky landscaping
• Attachment options mean that you can put this versatile tool to work on more than just light gardening tasks
• Includes a fully adjustable split shaft for easy transport and storage during off seasons


• Engine: 27cc 2 Cycle Gas Engine
• Cutting Width: 17 Inches
• Weight (with attachments): 11 lbs.

Additional Information:

• Equipped with jumpstart technology which eliminates the need for manual pull cord operation. A comfortable cushioned grip handle makes this trimmer easy and comfortable to use in any situation. The dual line bump feed head effortlessly dispenses precision cutting lines while the triglide guard ensures even wear and tear on lines.

The easy combination setup allows the user to set up the trimmer for short grass or a heavy scrub virtually hands free, ensuring perfect results every time. Whether its working in tight spaces like small garden beds or around rocks, this rugged trimmer will help you get the job done fast and accurately.

Product FAQs:

•Q) Does the Troy Bilt 41Ad252S766 string trimmer come with additional parts?

A) Yes, it comes complete with dual line bump head, triglide guard, shoulder strap ,helmet guard as well as other necessary components required for assembly and operation.
•Q) What type of fuel does the Troy Bilt string trimmer run on?

A) It requires a 2 cycle engine oil/gasoline mixture of 40:1 ratio oil/fuel (2 oz of oil per gallon of fuel).

• Q) Is there a warranty associated with this product?

A)Yes, Troy Bilt offers a two year limited warranty on their products against defects in material and workmanship under normal outdoor residential use .