Troy Bilt 41Ad304S766 String Trimmer

1. Powered by an intuitive, 25cc, 2-cycle gas engine

2. Equipped with a guard and shield to increase visibility, this trimmer features the 17in cutting swath.

3. Light weight only 11lbs and featuring padded handle jaws for maximum comfort during extended usage

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Troy-Bilt 41Ad304S766 String Trimmer: The Ultimate Outdoor Gardening Tool

Looking for an efficient way to neaten up your lawn? Troy-Bilt’s 41Ad304S766 String Trimmer offers just the solution! This powerful string trimmer will make quick work of even the toughest weeds and overgrowth. Not only that, but it also comes with plenty of features that make it the perfect outdoor gardening tool to keep your garden looking its best.

Product Description

The Troy-Bilt 41Ad304S766 String Trimmer is designed to make trimming tasks a breeze. It has a rugged construction with an adjustable cutting width that lets you tackle both short and tall grasses. The head of this trimmer rotates up to 180 degrees, allowing you to reach any area in your garden easily and securely.

And for added convenience, this trimmer comes equipped with a bump feed line cutter so you don’t have to stop mid-job and worry about how much line is left!

If you have difficult terrain or constantly changing height levels in your yard, then you’ll love the height adjustment of this trimmer – it has an adjustable front handle that slides up or down depending on what type of terrain you’re trying to trim.

You can also switch out different heads for different trimming projects, from brush heads to heavy duty blades. And with its robust 17.5cc gas engine powering its performance, you know you’ll get the job done right every time.

Product Features

• 17.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine

• Adjustable Front Handle For Height Adjustment

• 180° High Torque Pivot Head Rotation

• Multifunctional Cutting Head – Includes Brush Heads & Heavy Duty Blades

• Sturdy Construction With Dual Swivel Support Wheeling Design

• 8″ Cutting Path with 0-1/2″ Of Cutting Swath Width

• Ergonomic D-Shaped Loop Handle

• Bump Feed Line Cutter


• Weight: 14 lbs

• Dimensions: 6 x 24 x 10 inches

• Engine: 17.5 cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Engine

Additional Info

If you’re in need of an all-around outdoor gardening tool then look no further than the Troy Bilt 41Ad304S766 String Trimer!

This reliable string trimmer offers something for everyone—from brush heads and heavy duty blades to adjustable heights and bump feed line cutters—all backed by a high torque gas engine for greater power and performance.

With its durable construction & multifunctional capabilities, it’s guaranteed to turn even the most challenging trimming tasks into simple ones!


Q: How do I adjust the height on this string trimmer?
A: The height on this string trimmer is adjustable via a sliding front handle which can be adjusted up or down depending on what terrain needs established buexdinrs .