Worx Wg163 String Trimmer

1.Lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, even during prolonged use.

2. A robust 12 Amp motor delivers powerful performance for reliable and lasting results .

3. This trimmer’s telescopic shaft adjusts quickly so you get the right length for maximum comfort .

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Worx WG163 String Trimmer Product Description

The Worx WG163 String Trimmer is an essential tool for any lawn care job. Constructed with an ergonomic handle and adjustable pole length, this string trimmer provides superior comfort and efficiency when navigating tight spaces or performing difficult tasks.

The innovative design the Worx WG163 offers superior power to easily maintain hard-to-reach areas with ease. Additionally, its dual-line performance reduces vibration and decreases fatigue over extended use.

Features & Specifications:

• Ergonomic handle design offers superior comfort during extended use.
• Adjustable pole length allows easy access to tight spaces.
• Automatically advances 2 lines of cutting paths for maximum efficiency while trimming grass and weeds.
• Innovative motor offers maximum power while reducing fatigue and vibration from extended use.
• Included spool holder can quickly adjust to extend lifespan of string trimmer head before replacement is necessary.
• Compatible with all Worx attachments for tackling inclined or uneven ground, as well as edging your lawn with precision accuracy.
• Includes (1) 4.0Ah battery capable of up to 8-hours of continuous runtime on a single charge ─ perfect for larger yards which require multiple string trimmings in one day!

Additional Info:

The Worx WG163 String Trimmer is a perfect choice if you’re looking to add the convenience of cordless technology along with ergonomic features that will help make your job easier than ever before!

Its innovative design drastically reduces fatigue over long periods of time, allowing you complete more work in less time than traditional gas powered equipment requires; plus, you won’t have the mess associated with gasoline and all the hassle that comes along with it.

Worx also backs up their product families with two year warranty on power core batteries providing customers peace of mind no matter the season they’re taking on!

Product FAQs:

Q: Is this battery powered?

A: Yes, the Worx WG163 String Trimmer includes (1) 4 Ah battery capable of up to 8 hours continuous runtime on a single charge—perfect for larger yards which require multiple string trimmings in one day!

Q: How do I adjust pole length?

A: To adjust pole length simply press down and turn either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your desired length setting – so you can easily access tight spaces without having to strain your back trying to maneuver around them!