Worx Wg170 1 String Trimmer

The Worx-WG170-1 String Trimmer is the perfect tool for tackling any job outdoors. Offering 12 in. of cutting swath, you can trim bigger areas faster and easier than ever before.

The Worx-WG170-1 String Trimmer’s impressive 12 inch cutting swath makes quick work of large areas. Its Command Feed dual line system means no more bumping or manual loading of line .

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The Worx WG170 1 String Trimmer

This is an easy-to-use machine that’s perfect for tidying up your garden or outdoor spaces. With its cordless design, this trimmer makes it easier to access awkward spots without having to worry about the cord getting in the way.

Product Description

Don’t let weeds and overgrown grass take over your lawn – with the Worx WG170 1 String Trimmer you can take back control easily and quickly!

This lightweight and highly portable cordless trimmer allows you to work in even the most confined spaces without compromising power thanks to its efficient motor technology which drives its bump head line of .08” thick.

The adjustable cutting widths allow you to tailor your trimming around any job while its wide, comfortable handle offers plenty of room for maneuvering and is easily adjustable for improved ergonomics during use.

Features & Specs

• Motor Technology: Efficient brushless motor with strong power output
• Cutting Widths: Adjustable between 10-17”
• Line: 0.08 inch diameter dual polyamide line • Battery: 20V 2Ah LiIon battery
• Weight: 3.6 pounds (no battery) – 4.2 pounds (with battery) • Speed settings:: Variable speed up to 6500 RPM

Additional Information

This powerful trimmer comes with a powerful long-lasting LiIon battery, giving you enough juice for an entire day on a single charge when used at full speed but also supports variable speeds up to 6500 RPM if needed, allowing you to conserve energy as necessary.

Its cylindrical guard provides added protection against flying debris while its bumper head has been designed for maximum safety during use. All these features combine into this great product which comes with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Product FAQ

Q: How much does The Worx WG170 1 String Trimmer weigh?
A: The Worx WG170 1 String Trimmer weighs 3.6 pounds (no battery). When equipped with the battery, it weighs 4.2 pounds.