Worx Wg184 String Trimmer

1.This powerful trimmer has a quick-adjust cutting head that easily swaps from grass trimming to edging.

2. The Worx-Wg184 is equipped with a 13-inch cutting swath, dual line feed for greater efficiency.

3. Powered by its patented 20V Max Lithium battery system.

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Woox-Wg184 String Trimmer

Are you looking for a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use string trimmer to take care of your lawn or garden? Look no further than the Woox-Wg184 String Trimmer. Lightweight, durable, and versatile – this is the perfect outdoor tool for any kind of job or DIY project.

Product Description

The Woox-Wg184 String Trimmer delivers superior reliability and performance with its 50cc two-cycle gasoline engine. If you like to work smarter rather than harder, this is the machine for you! With its whopping 16″ cutting swathe and bump head line release system, this string trimmer will ensure that even tough projects are handled easily. At only 16.5 lbs.,

it is lightweight enough for one person to maneuver comfortably while being strong enough to tackle stubborn grasses and weeds that other machines just can’t handle.

This trimmer boasts a 14″ curved aluminum shaft that helps reduce fatigue during extended periods of use – maximizing user comfort without compromising on power output or versatility.

Features & Specs

•50cc two-cycle gasoline engine
•16″ cutting swathe
•Bump head line release system
•Lightweight at only 16.5 lbs.
•14″ curved aluminum shaft reduces user fatigue

Additional Info & Product FAQ:

Q: How much does the Woox-Wg184 String Trimmer weigh?
A: The trimmer weighs 16.5lb., making it lightweight yet efficient enough to handle heavy duty jobs in one go with minimal user fatigue.

Q: What type of engine does the Woox-Wg184 use?
A: The Woox-Wg184 uses a 50cc two-cycle gasoline engine to provide maximum power without sacrificing on performance or efficiency.

Q: What kind of line size does the Woox-Wg184 accommodate?
A: The trimmer comes with a bump head line release system that accepts .095-.105” lines – providing great flexibility for varying applications according to terrain and job type.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes! You have up to 5 years of limited coverage from date of purchase for all defective parts due to manufacturer’s defects as well as regular tune ups and adjustments covered for up to 3 months after date of purchase when done in accordance with factory recommended maintenance schedule/instructions found in equipment’s owner manual/operatos guide .

Whether you are trimming around driveways, sidewalks, trees pits or decks—the Woox WG1844 String Trimmer makes every job easier thanks to its incredible power delivery while minimizing your effort required so you can make quick work of any task at hand!