Worx Wg930 1 String Trimmer

1. The Worx WG930-1 String Trimmer comes equipped with a high-performance 10-inch cutting swath to tackle yards of all sizes.

2.  This trimmer features an ergonomically designed handle, adjustable shaft length and a one-step push button spool releas.

3. With its lightweight design weighing only 7 lbs., this trimmer is ideal for tackling larger areas such as gardens.

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Worx WG930-1 String Trimmer

Do more than just keep your lawn trimmed with the Worx WG930-1 String Trimmer. This powerful and versatile tool allows you to quickly complete landscaping tasks and make the most of your yard. Whether it’s an old pair of shrubs or a section of overgrown grass, the Worx WG930-1 has all you need for quick and efficient results.

Product Features

• All-in-one machine – With its 10-inch cutting swath, adjustable head angle, and 180° rotating handle, this six-amp trimmer offers great versatility for all sorts of tasks.

• QuickCut™ technology – The patented QuickCut™ system at the base of the tool makes trimming edges and clearing out weeds effortless. Plus, you can switch between three separate speeds—high, medium, or low—for maximum control over accuracy and detail.

• Feel confident with safety features – Enjoy added peace of mind with every use thanks to the guard bar that protects against debris kickback while trimming thick areas. And with its durable construction made from lightweight materials, minor falls won’t mean major damage to your tool or landscaping project.

• Get a longer runtime – Rechargeable 18v batteries provide up to one hour of continuous trimming power on a single charge so you can get through larger jobs without interruption.
Additional Information

• The Worx WG930-1 String Trimmer is part of a five in 1 combo kit along with an edger/trencher attachment plus blower/sweeper/cultivator attachments (all sold separately).

• It requires minimal assembly and comes complete with everything you need including batteries and charger; blade guard; optional cords; instructions; two auto feed spools; and garden bag for storage or transport convenience! USE 20 Feet Spool extension cord when needed for longer runs & Make sure that all connections are tight & secure before using your trimmer .

Product Specifications

• Weight: 9 pounds • Power Source: Cordless Electric • Number Of Lines: 2 Auto Feed Spools • Cutting Width: 10 inches • Handle Type: adjustable ->180 degrees Welcome Mow Assist Technology • Rotation Angle: 180 Degrees


Q – Is there any additional equipment needed?

A – No additional equipment is necessary—The Worx WG930 comes complete with 24V lithium batteries, charger, blade guard plus two auto feed spools! However if extra reach is required then an extra extension cord may be necessary for longer runs (not included).

Q – Does this come as part of a kit?

A – Yes! The Worx stringer trimmers are also available as part of a five in 1 Combo Kit which includes an edger/trencher attachment plus blower/sweeper/cultivator attachments (all sold separately). So get ready to tackle any job at hand like no other!