RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

Are you trying to pick between the Ryobi RY40290VNM and Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmers? both models are great choices when it comes to lawn tools. The Ryobi trimmer features a powerful motor, quick-cocking head, and adjustable cut line for easy use.

The Makita string trimmer sports an ergonomic design, a telescoping shaft for easier use, and an adjustable pivoting head. Find out what makes each model stand out in this comparison! The RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer based on the following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

When it comes to choosing the right string trimmer for your lawn care needs, two great options are the RYOBI RY40290VNM and the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer.

Though similar in design, they have different power and engine types that you’ll want to consider when making your decision. The RYOBI RY40290VNM uses an electric motor with a 4 amp motor that runs at 8500 RPMs. On the other hand, the Makita XRU15PT1 utilizes a fuel-powered engine with a 25.4 cc engine that runs between 11000 to 12000 RPMs.

The RYOBI option offers less powerful performance but is gentler on noise emissions and has fewer overall emissions compared to its fuel-powered counterpart. It is also lighter in weight at around 9 lbs so it can be easier to move around during tough trimming jobs.

On the plus side, the Makita model offers more powerful performance due to its larger engine size which gives you better control and maneuverability when tackling thicker weeds or scrubbing areas of tall grass. It is also heavier at around 15 lbs so if long run times are what you need then this could be a better choice.

2. Usability

When it comes to cutting grass and outlining flower beds, both the RYOBI RY40290VNM and the Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmers are excellent options. Both are ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue and have adjustable handles for simple operation and maneuverability in confined locations.

The Ryobi’s detachable cutting head makes it convenient to store and also allows you to use it as an edger or a mini-mower. In addition, the cutting speed can be adjusted with a variable trigger.

The tougher grass and weeds often found in larger yards are no match for the Makita trimmer’s more potent motor. It has a dual-stage centrifugal blade technology and allows for accessory changes without the use of tools, guaranteeing professional results for your lawn.

In the end, both products provide excellent usability, which should meet the requirements of the vast majority of users when it comes to cutting grass and edging flower beds.

3. Features

Features abound on the Ryobi RY40290VNM String Trimmer. It boasts a 13-inch cutting swath and operates quietly thanks to its noise-reducing gear box. Included with the trimmer is Ryobi’s “VersaTool” attachment, which can be used to attach other tools like brush cutters and edgers.

The machine’s sturdy metal construction ensures its longevity and dependability. The string trimmer’s adjustable handle and single-line loading head make light work of trimming grass and other vegetation.

The cutting path on the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer is 15 inches, and it has an ergonomic design for user comfort. This trimmer’s aluminum construction makes it both sturdy and easy to handle.

In addition, it has a built-in protection to stop flying debris and two speeds for cutting through dense grass and weeds. Attaching several accessories to this model makes it possible to rapidly and easily execute a broad variety of jobs.

4 Flexibility

The RYOBI RY40290VNM String Trimmer has everything a gardener might want in a single convenient unit. This trimmer is the best option for a productive trimming session because of its adaptability.

With its powerful 13 Amp motor and variable 4-position trimmer head, it can reach speeds of up to 8,500 RPM. You can keep your landscape in harmony by adjusting the power using the variable speed trigger and the pivoting head.

The Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer is renowned for its adaptability for a variety of uses. It includes a commercial-grade line spool, so you can adjust the length of your cut to suit your needs.

Since it weighs only 11 pounds, this trimmer may be moved easily and utilized in restricted areas. It has split-shaft technology for portability and compact storage.

Neither of these trimmers compromises on performance or dependability, making them both excellent instruments for tidy lawn upkeep. Both are excellent options for swiftly and effectively producing high-quality outcomes, so your decision should come down to personal preference.

RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

RYOBI RY40290VNM String Trimmer


• Highly affordable price tag
• Comes with a 13.5-amp motor delivering powerful performance
• Light weight of 9.8 pounds for better portability and handling
• Easy push button starting system without the hassle of pull-starting


• Not suitable for heavy workloads due to its smaller size and power rating
• No poles included so tall grass will require use of an extension cord

Makita XRU15PT1 String Trimmer


• Supplied with four angle positions, adjusting to any terrain making it easy to cut farther reaching or hard-to-reach areas
• High power 4.9 HP motor for added cutting power and torque ensuring thicker weeds and tall grass aren’t a problem


• Relatively high priced compared to competitors
• Slightly heavier at 10.6 pounds which may cause fatigue over extended use

RYOBI RY40290VNM vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The final verdict of which is better between the Ryobi RY40290VNM String Trimmer and Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer depends on the user’s needs. Both trimmers are reliable and have plenty of features to make trimming a breeze.

The Ryobi trimmer is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget, as it offers more bang for your buck with its powerful motor and adjustable cutting widths. On the other hand, the Makita is best suited for heavier workloads with its variable speed trigger and high torque motor that gives you effortless power and performance compared to other trimmers in its price range.

Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference but both options offer great value for money making them an ideal choice for any landscaping jobs!


Q: What is the battery compatibility of RYOBI RY40290VNM String Trimmer?

A: The RYOBI string trimmer is compatible with any 18V ONE+ lithium-ion battery.

Q: Is the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer lighter than the RYOBI model?

A: Yes, the Makita model weighs approximately 4 pounds while the RYOBI model weighs approximately 8 pounds.

Q: Does the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer have adjustable speed settings?

A: Yes, it has a variable speed trigger that allows for progressive power control.

Q: Does RYOBI RY40290VNM or Makita XRU15 PT1 trimmer have noise reduction technology?

A: Yes, both trimmers have reduced noise features including noise mufflers and noise-dampening systems for quieter operation.

Q: How much does RYOBI RY40290VNM or Makita XRU15 PT1 trimmer cost?

A: The RYOBI model costs around $159 while the Makita model is around $219.


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