Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer: Features and Reviews

The Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer is a strong and adaptable instrument that can be used for a wide variety of trimming tasks. The toughest weeds and grasses are no match for the Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer with its robust 150cc engine.

It has a cutting width of 22 inches, so it can rapidly and efficiently trim even expansive regions. The Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer has a number of helpful features, such as a detachable debris shield, a shoulder strap, and an adjustable cutting head.

A Look at the Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer’s Features and Benefits

The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is a robust and adaptable device that may be used for a wide range of household trimming needs.

It has a 16-inch cutting swath that makes rapid work of smaller areas, and a 22-cc, 2-cycle engine that provides enough of power for heavier applications. The trimmer has an adjustable shoulder strap and an automatic line-feed system that provides a steady flow of line.

String Trimmer Operation Guide for the Southland SWFT15022

These instructions for the Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer assume that you have already built the device.

Pull out the choke knob and press it in the direction of the engine to start the trimmer. After that, flip the switch to “On” and squeeze the priming bulb three to five times. To begin the engine, pull the starter cord.

In order to acquire a feel for your trimming area, it’s a good idea to take a stroll around the perimeter first.

Hold the trimmer with both hands and pull the trigger when you’re ready to begin cutting. Start at one end of the area you want to trim and go clockwise.

Hold the trimmer firmly and keep your eyes on the road; it’s simple to become lost in your work if you don’t pay attention. Keep an eye out for anything that might get caught in the trimmer’s blades or cause you to stumble.

-When you’re done trimming, release the trigger and wait until the trimmer head stops spinning before putting it down. The next step is to put the key in the Off position, which will shut down the vehicle.

The Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer, According to Its Customers

The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is an excellent choice if you need a strong and long-lasting tool for the job. It’s powered by a 22cc gas engine and can cut grass up to 15 inches in a single pass. It’s lightweight and simple to move about, making it a suitable option for homes with limited outdoor space.

Customers have given the Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer rave reviews, praising its robust construction and efficient motor.

It’s been praised for its user-friendliness and slick operation. Its portability and low weight are praised by those who use it for long periods of time. Overall, reviews agree that this is a fantastic string trimmer that offers exceptional value for the money.

Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer: Pros and Cons

The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is an excellent tool for homeowners who like neatly manicured lawns. Like any other instrument, though, it is not without its drawbacks. The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer has both the following benefits and drawbacks.


Since the Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is so light, it may be used for long periods of time without becoming cumbersome.

It has a removable shaft that can be used in conjunction with other lawn care products including edgers and blowers.

The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is an excellent choice for people on a tighter budget.


According to several reviewers and users, the string on string trimmers is prone to breaking and needs to be replaced frequently.

The Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer may not be the best choice for those with expansive lawns because it lacks the power of competing models.

Similar String Trimmers to the Southland SWFT15022

Although the Southland SWFT15022 string trimmer is excellent, it is not your only choice. You can find several string trimmers on the market that have unique capabilities and advantages. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Southland SWFT15022, consider these models instead:

If you’re in the market for a strong and long-lasting string trimmer, the Black & Decker ST7700 is a wonderful option. The maximum voltage is 20 volts, and the cutting width is 13 inches.

Another viable alternative is the Worx WG160 String Trimmer. Its blade is 12 inches wide, and it comes with a spare battery in case the first one dies mid-cut.

If you’re looking for a simple-to-operate string trimmer, the Craftsman CMCST910 is an excellent option. The push-button start and ergonomic design make it easy to use.

If you’re looking for a green alternative, the Greenworks G-MAX 40V String Trimmer is a solid pick. It runs for up to 45 minutes on its 4Ah battery and doesn’t emit any harmful gases.


If you want to keep your lawn looking great without breaking the bank, the Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer is a great option.

It’s easy to use and operate because of its lightweight design and adjustable head, and it can cut through the toughest weeds because to its powerful motor and sturdy build. This string trimmer has shown to be an effective equipment, suitable for any gardening task, thanks to its many useful features and the praise it has received from customers.


What is the Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer?

The Southland SWFT15022 is a gas-powered string trimmer designed for cutting grass and weeds in lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

What type of engine does the SWFT15022 String Trimmer have?

The SWFT15022 is equipped with a 2-cycle, air-cooled engine that runs on a mixture of gas and oil.

What is the cutting width of the SWFT15022 trimmer head?

The trimmer head has a cutting width of 22 inches, allowing for efficient coverage of larger areas.

Can I use attachments with this string trimmer?

Yes, the SWFT15022 is compatible with various attachments, such as brush cutter blades and edger attachments, to enhance its versatility for different yard tasks.

How do I start the SWFT15022 String Trimmer?

To start the trimmer, follow these steps: a. Fill the fuel tank with the correct fuel mixture. b. Prime the engine by pressing the primer bulb a few times. c. Set the choke to the “Start” position. d. Pull the starter rope firmly until you feel resistance, then give it a swift pull to start the engine. e. Once the engine starts, gradually move the choke to the “Run” position.

What is the recommended fuel mixture for the SWFT15022 trimmer?

The recommended fuel mixture is typically a 50:1 ratio of unleaded gasoline to 2-cycle engine oil. Always refer to the user manual for precise fuel mixing instructions.

How do I replace the trimmer line?

To replace the trimmer line, follow these steps: a. Turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire. b. Remove the trimmer head cover by pressing the tabs and pulling it off. c. Remove any remaining pieces of trimmer line. d. Insert new trimmer line through the holes in the trimmer head, following the directional arrows. e. Reattach the trimmer head cover securely.

What maintenance is required for the SWFT15022 String Trimmer?

Regular maintenance includes checking the air filter, cleaning the spark arrestor, inspecting the spark plug, and ensuring proper fuel mixture. Refer to the user manual for a comprehensive maintenance schedule.

Can I use the SWFT15022 for heavy-duty tasks?

The SWFT15022 is designed for residential and light to medium-duty tasks. While it can handle tough grass and weeds, it may not be suitable for heavy-duty commercial use.

Where can I find replacement parts for the Southland SWFT15022 String Trimmer?

You can find replacement parts through authorized Southland dealers or online retailers that specialize in outdoor power equipment parts.


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