Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

Make your gardening job effortless and enjoy the perfect garden with the Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer or the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer. This comparison will provide you an insight into which trimmer offers more features and produces better results. The Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer based on the following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer and the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer both have impressive power and engine features. The Stihl trimmer is powered by a 27.2cc X-Torq engine which offers greater fuel efficiency and increased power compared to standard two-stroke engines.

This trimmer has an ergonomic, anti-vibration handle designed for comfort during extended use without fatigue. Additionally, the throttle lock and Purge function ensures easy starts every time with minimal effort.

In comparison, the Makita XRU15 PT1 gas trimmer is powered by a robust 25.4 cc four-stroke commercial duty engine which delivers increased fuel economy and higher torque output than traditional two-stroke engines.

This trimmer also features an innovative start/stop switch which minimizes pull-start resistance for improved user convenience. Additionally, this trimmer includes an adjustable loop type handle with integral damper technology to reduce vibration so you can work comfortably for long periods of time without leaving you fatigued when finished.

2. Usability

Usability, when considering Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer, is best determined by the features each unit offers. The Stihl string trimmer offers a straight shaft for easy maneuverability as well as a SpeedStart system to improve starting usability. The Makita model offers an ergonomic design with rubberized handles to enhance the user experience while also featuring a convenient 2-step start option.

The Stihl model also includes an integrated anti-vibration system and tool-free rear handle adjustment for maximum comfort during extended periods of use. For added convenience and safety, the Makita unit comes equipped with a variable speed trigger switch and automatic feed spool that allow users to adjust line speed appropriately as well as conserving resources during operation. Both trimmers feature bump head feeds which allow users to reload line quickly without wasting time or resources.

All in all, it is clear both Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer and Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer provide excellent usability for many different applications and use cases based on their respective features, making them both great options depending on personal preference.

3. Features

The Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer is a powerful, durable and reliable choice for outdoor yard work. It features a two-stroke engine that delivers the highest levels of power and cutting accuracy. The FS 91 R has superior comfort and convenience thanks to the adjustable front handle that easily adjusts for height or ergonomic needs, as well as a trimmer line feed system for easy reloads. Plus, its lightweight design makes trimming grass and weeds an effortless job.

The Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer packs all the same power as the Stihl but adds even more features to the list. It has a versatooth™ dual-action cutting head that provides twice the cutting performance than standard cutters, along with multi-position head adjustment so you can access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Plus, it comes equipped with an easy-to-start starting system, large fuel tank capacity and manual line release trigger – making it perfect for tackling any landscape job quickly and efficiently.

4. Versatility

The Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer and the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer are two powerful and versatile trimmers on the market. It’s no surprise they’re a popular choice for many yard care professionals.

When it comes to versatility, the Stihl FS 91 R is a great choice. It has an adjustable shaft that allows you to adjust between cutting heights from 0″ to 13”. This feature allows you to get a good trim regardless of how tall or short your lawn may be. The Makita XRU15 PT1 also offers plenty of versatility, with its adjustable cutting width from 1-3/4” to 10”.

The Stihl model also offers excellent Maneuverability, allowing you to easily move from hard-to-reach areas of your lawn with ease. Additionally, the Makita model features an ergonomic design that gives it even more flexibility and mobility around tight corners without putting too much strain on your arms. Both trimmers offer impressive power and performance, ensuring that both jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently either way.

Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Pros of Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer:

  • Easy to use – Its ergonomic design and adjustable handles make it comfortable to operate for long periods of time.
  • High Power – The trimmer is fitted with a powerful engine, giving it the ability to power through tough grass and weeds.
  •  Durable design – It’s robust construction ensures that it stands up under intensive use for years to come.

Cons of Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer:

  • Expensive – This trimmer carries a hefty price tag for some users.
  • Heavyweight – Weighing in at nearly 10 pounds, this unit might be hard to maneuver for those with limited strength or dexterity in their hands.

Pros of Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer:

  • Lightweight design – This cordless trimmer weighs only 6 pounds, making it easy to use even if you have physical limitations.
  •  Cordless versatility – Forget having to change oil, manage messy gas tanks, or worry about electric cord tangles associated with traditional corded trimmers; the XRU15 PT1 operates without any cords attached!
  •  Quiet operation – You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when using this tool thanks to its ultra-quiet operation.

Cons of Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer:

  •  Shorter battery life – Its battery runs out quicker than others on the market meaning recharging more often.
    • Lower power – Non Gas powered so may not cut as thick brush and grass as the Stihl FS 91 R does.

Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The Stihl FS 91 R String Trimmer is a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful trimmer. It comes with a powerful engine, ergonomic design, and comfortable handle to make it easy to work in any lawn area. With its long shaft and heavy-duty head, the FS 91 R also offers excellent cutting power.

On the other hand, the Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer is a lightweight and well-designed trimmer that offers comparable power and ensures easy maneuverability. In addition to this, its bump-feed head makes it easier to keep on trimming without pause.

In conclusion, both trimmers offer excellent cutting accuracy and performance. The Stihl FS 91 R provides superior power while Makita XRU15 PT1 offers more efficient cutting action with less effort needed. Ultimately, which one you choose depends on what type of job you will be using it for.


Q1. What are the main differences between Stihl FS 91 R and Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmers?

A1. The main differences between the two trimmer models include their power sources, engine styles, attachment capabilities, safety features, and battery life. The Stihl FS 91 R is a gas-powered trimmer with an E-TORQ™ engine while the Makita XRU15 PT1 is cordless, powered by a brushless motor. Additionally, the Stihl model has six optional attachments while the Makita model can only use one attachment at a time. Lastly, the Stihl provides standard system safeguards such as pressure sensors and rest/run buttons for user safety while the Makita comes equipped with a no-load speed indicator light to protect against overheating of its 18V LXT® Battery while in use.

Q2. What type of attachments can be used with Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1?

A2. The Stihl FS 91 R has 6 optional attachments which allow you to achieve professional results when trimming grasses such as edging or shrubbing quickly and efficiently whereas the Makita XRU15 PT1 offers one universal attachment that allows users to change out compatible cutting heads simply via simple tools needed for installation from 0”-4” diameter blades/lines making it perfect for small jobs around the home or garden.

Q3. How long does Stihl FS 91 R or Makita XRU15 PT1 run on one full battery charge?

A3: The Stihl FS 91 R runs on regular fuel mixture so its run time is determined by how much fuel you put into it while the Makita XRU15 PT1 runs on an 18V LXT® Battery so its run time depends on your usage and battery’s charge capacity; however, most users report being able to get up to 40 minutes of constant runtime out of this particular model before needing to recharge it using their Rapid Optimum Charger System (sold separately).

Q4: Which one has higher noise levels, Stihl FS 91 R vs Makita XRU15 PT1 ?

A4: On average, both trimmer models have noise levels similar to that of a lawn mower; however since gas-powered engines tend to be louder than electric motors overall – especially when revving up high to achieve maximum RPMs – we would say that in comparison, the Stihl FS 91 R generates slightly higher noise levels than what’s produced by the Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmer model during operation.

Q5: What type of warranty do Stihl FS 91 R or Makita XRU15 PT1  come with?

A5: Both models come backed by manufacturer warranties; specifically, two years for parts & labor plus five five-year limited warranty from date of purchase stated on the user manual for each respective product when it comes time for repairs or maintenance needs.

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