Ego Vs Ryobi String Trimmer Comparison- Which is Better?

When it comes to keeping your lawn tidy and well-maintained, having a reliable string trimmer is essential. Two popular options on the market are the Ego and Ryobi string trimmers. Both brands have their own unique features and capabilities. In this article, we will conduct a thorough comparison between the Ego and Ryobi string trimmers to help you decide which one is better suited for your needs. So let’s dive in and explore “Ego Vs Ryobi String Trimmer Comparison- Which is Better?”.

Ego vs Ryobi String Trimmer Comparison – Which is Better?

Below is the detailed comparison between Ego and Ryobi String Trimmer:

FeatureEgo String TrimmerRyobi String Trimmer
Power SourceBattery-powered (Lithium-ion)Battery-powered (Lithium-ion)
Voltage56V18V/40V depending on the model
Cutting Width12-15 inches10-13 inches depending on the model
Line Feed SystemBump feed or automaticBump feed or automatic
WeightVaries (typically 9-12 lbs)Varies (typically 7-10 lbs)
Battery LifeVaries (up to 45-60 minutes)Varies (up to 30-45 minutes)
Battery Charging Time30-60 minutes30-60 minutes
Adjustable HandleYesYes
Additional FeaturesWeather-resistant construction, variable speed controlEdging capability, adjustable cutting angle, telescopic shaft
Price Range$$$ (higher-end)$ (affordable)
WarrantyTypically 5 years on the tool, 3 years on the batteryTypically 3 years on the tool and battery

Power and Performance

The power and performance of a string trimmer play a crucial role in its effectiveness and efficiency. Here’s how the Ego and Ryobi models compare:


  • Ego string trimmers are known for their exceptional power and performance.
  • They are equipped with advanced brushless motors that deliver maximum torque and cutting power.
  • The Ego models typically have higher voltage ratings, resulting in superior cutting capability, especially in dense vegetation.
  • Users praise the Ego trimmers for their ability to tackle tough trimming tasks effortlessly.


  • Ryobi string trimmers are known for their reliable performance at an affordable price.
  • While they may not match the power of the Ego models, Ryobi trimmers still provide sufficient cutting power for most residential trimming needs.
  • Ryobi offers a wide range of trimmer models with varying power options, allowing users to choose the right one based on their specific requirements.

Battery Life and Runtime

When it comes to cordless string trimmers, battery life and runtime are crucial factors to consider. Let’s see how the Ego and Ryobi trimmers compare in this aspect:


  • Ego trimmers are known for their impressive battery life and runtime.
  • They feature advanced lithium-ion batteries that can provide extended runtime, allowing users to tackle larger trimming jobs without interruptions.
  • The higher voltage ratings of Ego trimmers contribute to longer battery life, ensuring you can get more work done on a single charge.


  • Ryobi trimmers also offer decent battery life and runtime, though they may not match the longevity of Ego models.
  • With their lower voltage ratings, Ryobi trimmers are designed to cater to average-sized yards and trimming tasks.
  • Users with smaller properties find the Ryobi trimmers to be more than sufficient to meet their needs.

Cutting Width and Line Feed System

The cutting width and line feed system determine how efficiently a string trimmer can cover a larger area and handle different types of vegetation. Let’s compare the Ego and Ryobi trimmers in this aspect:


  • Ego trimmers typically have wider cutting widths, ranging from 15 to 16 inches.
  • The wider cutting path allows for quicker trimming, making it ideal for larger yards.
  • The line feed system in Ego trimmers is designed to minimize line breakage and ensure continuous operation.


Ryobi trimmers usually have slightly narrower cutting widths, ranging from 12 to 14 inches.

  • The narrower cutting path is still efficient for average-sized yards and offers more precision in tight spaces.
  • Ryobi’s line feed system works well in most cases, but some users have reported occasional line breakage.

Weight and Ergonomics

The weight and ergonomics of a string trimmer can greatly impact user comfort, especially during prolonged use. Let’s compare the Ego and Ryobi trimmers in terms of weight and ergonomics:


  • Ego Trimmers are for the most part heavier than Ryobi Trimmers because of their all the more remarkable engines and bigger batteries.
  • While the extra weight might be observable, Ego centers around ergonomic plan to guarantee ideal client solace.
  • Ego trimmers have handles that can be adjusted to fit the user’s height and preferred method of trimming.


  • Ryobi trimmers are moderately lightweight contrasted with Inner self models, making them more straightforward to move and deal with.
  • With adjustable handles and trimmers that are well-balanced, Ryobi also places an emphasis on ergonomic design, which helps reduce user fatigue.

Common Queries:

Q: Are replacement parts readily available for Ego and Ryobi trimmers?

A: Yes, both Ego and Ryobi have a wide network of authorized service centers and retailers where you can find replacement parts for their trimmers. Additionally, they offer online ordering options for added convenience.

Q: Do Ego and Ryobi trimmers come with shoulder straps?

A: While some models of Ego and Ryobi trimmers may come with shoulder straps, it largely depends on the specific model and package you choose. Shoulder straps can provide additional support and help reduce fatigue during longer trimming sessions.

Q: Which brand has better customer reviews – Ego or Ryobi?

A: Both Ego and Ryobi have generally positive customer reviews. Ego trimmers often receive praise for their power, performance, and long battery life. Ryobi trimmers are highly regarded for their affordability and reliability. It’s advisable to read user reviews specific to the models you’re considering to get a better understanding of their overall performance and user satisfaction.


In the Ego vs Ryobi string trimmer comparison, both brands offer reliable and efficient tools for maintaining your lawn. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs, budget, and the size of your yard. If you prioritize maximum power, longer battery life, and wider cutting paths, Ego trimmers are a great option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for affordability, reliable performance, and lighter weight, Ryobi trimmers can be an excellent choice. Consider your trimming requirements and the features that matter most to you, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision between these two reputable brands.


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