Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer Comparison

This blog gives an overview of the differences between two popular advanced lawn mowers: the Echo DSRM-2100 and the Husqvarna 325iLK. It looks at each device’s features, performance, price, and more to help you decide which one is best for your property.

We will provide a comprehensive comparison so you can make an informed decision. . The Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer Comparison Comparison

Here we compare Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer based on following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Echo DSRM-2100 and the Husqvarna 325iLK are two powerful trimmers designed for trimming dense brush without clogging. The Echo boasts an adjustable 21cc engine and a 17 inch cutting swath, while the Husqvarna comes with a 25cc engine and a 15 inch cutting swath.

The Echo offers superior power compared to the Husqvarna, making it ideal for commercial use. The 21cc engine provides enough power to quickly cut through tough material and is adjustable so you can adjust its RPMs for precision control.

The 17 inch cutting swath means it’s suitable for larger areas like estates or parks, making it ideal for professional landscaping jobs. On the other hand, the Husqvarna has less power but more portability. It comes with a smaller cutting swath of only 15 inches which is suitable for tighter lawn spaces or small hard-to-reach spaces.

Choose the Echo DSRM-2100 if you need a strong mower that can cut through dense grass on expansive grounds. The Husqvarna 325iLK is less powerful than its bigger and heavier sibling, but it is easier to handle thanks to its smaller size and reduced weight.

2. Usability

You can’t go wrong with either the Echo DSRM-2100 or the Husqvarna 325iLK if you’re looking for a high-quality string trimmer. While both are formidable in terms of power and cutting ability, their practical applications are vastly different.

The Echo DSRM-2100’s adjustable, padded handlebar makes it a good choice for people of varying heights thanks to its improved ergonomics. In addition, it has a variable speed control that lets customers tailor their trimming experience to their preferences. The small footprint and 16-inch cutting depth make this an efficient tool.

The Husqvarna 325iLK, on the other hand, may be used for extended periods of time thanks to its adjustable handlebar and extra space for storing tools and garbage bags. It has superior motor capabilities and can swiftly slash through dense vegetation. However, it is less versatile than the Echo DSRM-2100 because it lacks a speed control option.


When it comes to lawn care, you can’t go wrong with either the Echo DSRM-2100 or the Husqvarna 325iLK. The Echo DSRM-2100 is a high-quality lawnmower with a cutting deck that measures 21 inches, a grass collection bag that holds 9.4 cubic feet, and an electric start that eliminates the need for cords or pull ropes.

It has a strengthened blade with increased cut-through power for enhanced mulching performance and five different height settings ranging from 1.5 inches to four inches.

The Husqvarna 325iLK, on the other hand, features a 15-inch cutting deck and a balanced design that makes trimming tight corners less of a chore. It’s ideal for smaller lawns because of its Smart electrode system, which improves starting reliability, and its individual height selector, which allows you to set the cutting height to your liking (between 0.8 and 2.4 inches, in 0.4-inch increments). In addition, the 1 kW motor makes short work of even the densest foliage with no effort and vibration, and it requires less upkeep than competing models.

4. Versatility

The Echo DSRM-2100 and the Husqvarna 325iLK both offer incredible versatility. Both trimmers are capable of tackling multiple tasks, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

The Echo is powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke engine that produces up to 21cc of power and can be used for trimming edges, cutting brush, and light tilling.

It also features a speed control feature that can be used to switch between high and low settings for different materials. On the other hand, the Husqvarna 325iLK has a fuel-efficient straight shaft design that packs plenty of power while still being lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Its adjustable cutting diameter makes it perfect for grass edging and small detail work while its vibration dampening system ensures max comfort and less fatigue during prolonged use. Overall, both models provide great versatility in terms of applications and the user’s ability to choose their preferred setting or speed when tackling different projects.

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer Comparison Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Pros of the Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK Comparison

  • More powerful engine with a 41.5cc two-stroke cycle engine for enhanced power and performance.
  • Easy starting system, with Echo’s patented ES™ technology and an ergonomic and lightweight design for comfortable cutting.
  •  An adjustable handle that can be flipped up or down to provide more stability while cutting.
  • 12″cutting diameter that makes it great for clearing out tall grasses without having to stop often as with other trimmers.

Cons of the Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK Comparison

  •  The lack of a brushless motor which may limit the tool’s ability to operate at peak efficiency when in use for extended periods of time.
  • Many parts such as blades are not interchangeable between brands, making it difficult to repair or replace parts on the fly.
  • Costlier than the Husqvarna model, despite being less powerful and having fewer features overall.

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Husqvarna 325iLK String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The Echo DSRM-2100 and Husqvarna 325iLK are both great trimmers. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference regarding features and aesthetics.

The Echo offers greater power options with more powerful blades which make heavy jobs faster and easier.

The Husqvarna is the better option for users who need a light power utility trimming job as it packs enough power to trim hedges, small trees, and bushes with ease. It also has a longer cutting swath than the Echo which makes it good for larger jobs.

Additionally, the Husqvarna also has better ergonomic features such as adjustable handles which promote long-term comfort levels while using this trimming tool.

Overall, both units get the job done when it comes to trimming your garden or lawn of bushes and hedges. They each have their strengths that could suit different users depending on what job needs to be done.

Still, if you prefer a little extra power put out in your trimmer then go for the Echo DSRM-2100; otherwise, if you want an all-rounder machine that’s comfortable in use then pick the Husqvarna 325iLK!


Q1: What is the weight difference between Echo DSRM-2100 and Husqvarna 325iLK?

A1: The Echo DSRM-2100 weighs 7.7 lbs while the Husqvarna 325iLK weighs 10.5 lbs.

Q2: Does the Echo DSRM-2100 or Husqvarna 325iLK have a longer cutting path?

A2: The Echo DSRM-2100 has an 18″ cutting path while the Husqvarna 325iLK has a 15″ cutting path.

Q3: Who offers better customer support, Echo or Husqvarna?

A3: Both brands offer excellent customer support for their products but it is ultimately up to personal preference.

Q4: Does the Echo DSRM-2100 or Husqvarna 325iLK have more power?

A4: The Echo DSRM-2100 has a 0.94 hp engine while the Husqvarna 325iLK has a 0.65 hp engine, making the Echo model more powerful than its counterpart.

Q5: What features do Echo DSRM-2100 or Husqvarna 325iLK  have in common?

A5: Both models feature anti-vibration technology and adjustable handlebars for increased comfortability, as well as Fuel Guard technology to prevent accidental fuel overflow from occurring during refueling of gas lines.


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