Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

This article compares the Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmer for home gardening tasks. Both tools offer features like lightweight designs and powerful engines for volumous trimming jobs.

We will weigh up each tool’s performance, durability and features to help you determine which trimmer is right for you. . The Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison is given below-

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison

Here we compare Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer based on following Parameters.

1. Power and Engine

The Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer is a powerful trimmer that has been equipped with a 4.0 amp motor, which enables it to deliver high power performance and fast cutting. This trimmer also has a built-in speed control feature which allows you to adjust the speed of the trimmer for precision cutting. It features an ergonomic design and low noise operation, making it comfortable to use.

On the other hand, the Echo DSRM-2100 String Trimmer is equipped with a 2-stroke engine that offers more torque and power than Makita’s model.

This engine ensures that you can easily tackle any landscaping job you encounter. It also features multiple start options, as well as easy recoil starting and adjustable speeds so that you can customize your trimming experience accordingly. Additionally, Echo’s product has lower maintenance requirements since it does not require oil changes like Makita does.

Both models perform well when it comes to completing yard work tasks; however, each one has different specifications in terms of power and engine.

With the Echo DSRM-2100 having more torque and power due to its 2 stroke engine, while giving users easy recoil starting and adjustable speeds, it could be said that this model would be best suited for people who are looking for greater control over their trimming experience or those who don’t want frequent oil changes on their machines.

2. Usability

The Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer both provide excellent usability. The Echo trimmer has a 21.2 cc engine that provides a high level of power and performance, making it perfect for various outdoor tasks. Its Speed-Feed line head is easy to use and makes for efficient trimming whenever needed.

On the other hand, the Makita trimmer features an XPT system which provides maximum durability against dust, debris and water.

Its user-friendly handle configuration allows it to be maneuvered easily while its 18V LXT rechargeable battery provides reliable long-term use even in cold weather conditions. In terms of usability, both trimmers offer top notch performance at cutting grass and weeds for all types of outdoors projects around the house or lawns.

All in all, Echo DSRM-2100 is more powerful with faster speed while Makita XRU15 PT1T String Trimmers stands out with its dust proof design plus long lasting cordless performance thanks to its reliable rechargeable battery pack – making either one an ideal candidate for trimming projects.

3. Features

The Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1 are both excellent string trimmers that offer varied features. The Echo DSRM-2100 offers an adjustable cutting head and trigger lock for user control.

It also has a heavy duty gear case that allows for extended use in tough conditions. In addition, the brushless motor provides improved efficiency and blade speed.

The Makita XRU15 PT1 is equipped with a cordless, powerful motor that is able to quickly cut through thick foliage.

This tool also includes many useful features such as a dual line feed system, adjustable head angle, comfortable handle grip, brushless motors, as well as anti-vibration technology for increased stability when trimming grass or hedges.

Furthermore, this trimmer includes an automatic return switch which prevents overloads and prolongs battery life.

4. Versatility

When comparing the Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmers, it’s easy to see how versatile each tool is. The Echo trimmer has a 27.2cc engine which offers high power and torque, while the Makita trimmer has a 25.4 cc engine. This allows for multiple different trimming projects when using either of these powerful machines.

The Echo offers an adjustable cutting width that is suitable for edging along walls, around sidewalks or anywhere where precise cuts are needed.

The Makita provides three different speed settings with its adjustable handle and can easily be used in both forward and reverse cutting directions.

Both models also feature anti-vibration systems which offer greater comfort and control while trimming or edging, allowing for increased productivity throughout your project. Both of these tools are great assets for any professional landscaping job as they provide the user with enough versatility to accomplish multiple tasks with minimal effort.

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons are given below-

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Comparison:


• Echo DSRM-2100 has a larger cutting capacity, so you can get more done in less time.
• Makita XRU15 PT1 has a lighter body weight which makes it easy to maneuver and use for extended periods of time.
• Both trimmers are powered by batteries and are cordless, making them easier to transport and use on the go.


• The Echo DSRM-2100 has a lower RPM than the Makita XRU15PT1, which may require you to use more force to cut through thicker vegetation.
• The Makita XRU15PT1 is pricier than the Echo DSRM-2100, so if you are on a budget then another model might be better for you.
• The Echo DSRM-2100 has limited variable functions compared to the Makita XRU15PT1, such as line diameter adjustment and speed control that other models have.

Echo DSRM-2100 vs Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer Final Verdict- Which is better and why?

The final verdict on the comparison between the Echo DSRM-2100 and the Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmer is that it depends on personal preference. The Echo is lightweight and relatively easy to start, with a cutting radius of 17”. It also offers 21cc fuel capacity. The Makita has a slightly larger 18” cutting swath and also offers less vibration for extended user comfort, plus a double-line design powered by a brushless motor for increased efficiency. Ultimately, these two string trimmers both provide great performance, so if you are weighing in both options based on their features alone then it may come down to your own needs and budget.


Q1: What is the difference between Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmer?

A1: The primary differences between the two machines are in their engine, shaft length, cutting line capacity, and power output. The Echo DSRM-2100 has a 21.2 cc engine compared to the 18V x2 LXT (36V) Makita XRU15 PT1’s motor which makes it more powerful than the latter. Additionally, it’s shaft is approximately 33″ long as compared to 27″ with Makita XRU15 PT1; thus Echo DSRM-2100 offers a longer reach for trimming weeds. It also has a larger cutting line capacity of .095” whereas Makita XRU15 PT1 is equipped with .080” diameter lines.

Q2: What type of warranty does Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1 have?

A2: The Echo DSRM-2100 string trimmer comes with a 5-year consumer/ 2-year commercial warranty while the Makita XRU15 PT1 string trimmer offers 3 year limited warranty.

Q3: Which weighs less, Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1?

A3: Makita XRU15 PT1 String Trimmer is lighter than Echo DSRM-2100 measuring 8 lbs and 11 lbs respectively.

Q4: Does Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1 machine come with additional attachments or accessories?

A4: Yes both models have several compatible attachments available but they need to be bought separately. For Echo, some accessories include metal blade, bumpcap straight line head, grass blades etc whereas for Makita there are brush cutter blades metal blade and several others are available too.

Q5: Which one is more energy efficient, Echo DSRM-2100 and Makita XRU15 PT1?

A5: Both machines are quite efficient when it comes to power consumption, however Eco DSRMR 2100 trims slightly more efficiently due to its 21.2cc engine that churns out higher performance at lower fuel consumption comparatively speaking than Makitas 18V Motor cordless trimmer


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