Cub Cadet 41Adz27C912 String Trimmer

This powerful Cub Cadet 41Adz27C912 trimmer is perfect for tackling any tough job. It features a reliable 4-cycle engine that provides quick, efficient trimming.

Plus, the curved shaft makes it easy to reach tough spots with ease and gives you plenty of control over your cuts. Finally, the quiet operation ensures you won’t disturb anyone else while you work. 

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Cub Cadet 41Adz27C912 String Trimmer

Don’t let backyard trimming and edging take all your weekend time with the Cub Cadet 41Adz27C912 String Trimmer. This powerful trimmer is ideal for bringing a professional look to your lawn – no matter what size it is. Featuring an adjustable straight shaft and a comfortable, ergonomic handle, this trimmer gives you optimal maneuverability without sacrificing performance.

The reliable steel drive cable ensure a long-lasting life that you don’t have to worry about replacing anytime soon, giving you more time to focus on landscaping itself. With thanks to its long-lasting gasoline engine, you’ll be able to power through tough brush and overgrown leaves quickly and easily. Spend less time prepping for weekend projects with the Cub Cadet 43Adz27C912 String Trimmer.


• 27cc Engine: Delivers consistent performance during prolonged periods of use
• 4 Cycle System: Keeps up with thick weeds, tall grasses, and dynamic terrain
• Auto Choke System: Effortless starting feature every time you want to use it
• 17-inch Cutting Swath: Rapidly finishes large fields and yards in no time
• Dual Line Bump Feeding Head: Allows users to replace line quickly and efficiently

Product Specifications:

• Engine Type: 4 Cycle OHV w/Auto Choke
• Fuel Capacity (L): 0.75 Ltrs
• Tank Capacity (oz.): 25.4 oz • Max Speed (Mph): 445ft/min      • Weight 16 lbs • Line Size 065″ dual line

Additional Info:

Whether you’re tackling a trim job on your quarter acre backyard or a golf course full of fairways, the Cub Cadet 41Adz27C912 String Trimmer ensures crisp results each and every time. The trimmer offers unbeatable sneed backed with exceptional durability so users can be confident they are investing in something that will last as long as they need it too – no need to buy something new every other season! Plus the 4 cycle engine ensures boosters performance even in payload working conditions – get things done faster than ever before!

Product FAQs :

Q1 – What type of fuel does the trimmer require?

A1 – The Cub Cadet 41ADZ27 C912 String Trimmer requires unleaded gas with oil mix ratio 40 : 1 .

Q2 – How sturdy is this trimmer?

A2 – This trimmer features an adjustable straight shaft composed of low density steel which makes it lightweight yet very durable product which lasts years without any problem